Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jasmine & Co Breastfeeding Cover Review .....

As you know if you ever have been a mommy that breastfeeding is a big part of being a mommy.  We all know that our little newborns don't wait until we are at home for their feedings.  That is just any normal newborn.  I know a lot of people are really not into public breastfeeding or they are nervous.  I know I really wasn't a huge fan of just whipping out my breast and start feeding like that in public.  So we all need certain things when we go out for dinner, shopping or just the movies when we take our little ones with us.

I had the opportunity to receive one of these awesome Breastfeeding Covers to try out and review with my honest opinion of it.  So that is exactly what you will be reading next.

I have to say I was really impressed when I opened the package. It is a beautiful color with a nice design.  The fabric is made of cotton and it is very durable.  This cover is not going to rip easily, tear or pull apart from that everyday wear and tear.  In which I really love that quality because it will go through a lot of wear.  Even though that this material is so durable it is very light-weight and breathable.  That way you don't have to worry about your baby being to hot while he/she is nursing.  This is just perfect for any season or any kind of weather that you encounter.

I really have to say that this Breastfeeding Cover is the best one out there.  You will love it too and I am really sure of this.  So what are you waiting for, come and order one HERE!

This is my honest review of this product.  This is my own words and opinion of the product.  I was not compensated in no other way except for the free product.