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February Pet Guide Feature

I would like to welcome you to the second month and second post for my Monthly Pet Guide.  I am very happy to see that my first post for January was a big hit.  So I am hoping this one will be just as good as January's.


If you were like me and didn't know that Newmans Own had dog and cat food, just don't worry.  I am sure I wasn't the first to say "WOW".  I know you won't be the last one either.   Foods and treats made from a unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients carefully selected for all life stages of your pet.  Now let me introduce you a few of their awesome dog food.

Now this one is the Premium Chicken with Brown Rice.  I have 2 dogs and one is very picky on eating everything.  So I gave him a few spoonfuls to see if he was going to eat it.  I was amazed that he was eating it.  I was very happy/
This canned dog food seemed more smoother than any of the other brands I had tried with him.  My other dog is a big one and not picky.  She loved it too.

This one is Organic 95% Chicken and Liver Grain free dinner.  Now I had done some research on this one.  I never have tried a organic canned dog food before.  This dog food though is suppose to be the best of everything for your dog.  Both of my dogs love it.  I feel a lot better feeding this to my dogs.  For the first reason is that it is 95% of chicken and Liver and the second reason is that it is grain free.  The grain free is suppose to be better for your dogs digestive system.

Watch how fast your dog’s food disappears with our canned varieties. Feed alone or mix with your dog’s dry food.

Tails wag happily when fed our dry food. With its ideal protein-fat ratio and carefully selected ingredients, it supports their needs in all stages of life.  This bag of dry dog food is full of all kinds of vitamins that your dogs need to grow and to stay in good health when they are in the older days of their lives.

Now here we go the best part, well I think it is.  The doggy treats!  you are able to choose from the cheese or from the 11 other ones.  I have tried the cheese with my dogs and they love them.  Let me tell you these are the best out there.  Your dogs will be on their best behavior once they try these treats.
Reward your best friend with dog treats made with high quality ingredients. Tempt them into good behavior with one of our biscuits, sticks, or jerky.

Introducing the cat food.......

Right here is the Adult cat dry food.  Now I am 3 adult cats and 7 kittens.  Yes that is a lot but I just love animals.  Your cat will purr loudly after trying this unique blend of proteins, whole grains, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients carefully selected to help your pet live an active and long life.  This product contains all the essential vitamins that your adult cat needs to live a happy long life.

This can food right here is my cat's favorite.  This is Premium Chicken and Salmon.  There are 12 different varieties you can choose from.  They also have Organic canned cat food.  So you have everything your cat needs right here.

Well as you can see that Newmans Own has all the perfect food your cat and dog needs in their diet.  So don't wait, grab some and watch you pet enjoy their food.


Tips For a Healthy Cat

If you love your cat you'll want to know how to keep your cat as much healthier as possible. There are many different things that could come into perform and be risky to your cat's health and fitness, so it is important to know what to look for to keep your cat much healthier her whole way of life. 

The typical house cat will go through three primary way of life stages. The actual duration of each level varies between different cats and different kinds, but the time interval of your time is usually a very identical between cats. Kitties begin their lifestyles as cats, and during this technique they are consistently improving and developing. It's very important to make sure they are getting appropriate nutrition and care during now, as they are especially vulnerable to sickness and the components when younger. Make sure your cat is heated at all times, and is consuming eating plan programs of sensible food. You should also take your cat to the vet to get images to protected it against diseases, and to get it spayed or neutered. Kittens have usually obtained older cat hood at around 1 year old, though some cats proceed improving until they're over two years old. 

Once your cat has obtained adulthood, the aspect where she has stopped improving, she is consistently on the remain a regular way of life, until around age eight or nine. During now as an old, your cat is more highly effective, and less vulnerable to the risks that are provided as a cat. However, your concentrate should be looked to maintaining an effective and healthy and balanced older cat, in inclusion to protecting your cat from possible health and fitness risks as a used cat. Keeping your older cat at an effective and healthy and balanced body weight is also important, as an overweight cat is more likely to get other healthcare problems. 

Annual trips to the vet should be a top issue, to examine on up on your cat's health and fitness insurance recognize any problems starting. You should also look for the first symptoms and symptoms of diseases that demonstrate up in older cats, like heart sickness and cat being suffering from diabetes. 

Cats over the age of eight or nine are viewed as older cats, getting into their last stages of way of life. However, there is still much that can be done to sustain your older cat has an effective and healthy and balanced way of life. It's sensible to go to the vet twice annually at this aspect as an extra step to recognize any healthcare problems starting. Focusing on dental health and fitness is also very important now, and it may be necessary to change your older cat's consuming plan to assistance any healthcare problems. For example, a cat with inadequate tooth may need a more wet consuming plan, while an overweight cat should go on a body weight loss consuming plan. These suggestions can sustain your cat will remain a cheerful, much healthier way of life.


I am trying to get more and more Pet Products for these monthly posts.  I also think the written articles could be just as helpful.  But I have one more article to pot and a few pictures of some weird animals.  I think you will enjoy that too.

Thought to be extinct until a few years ago when it was rediscovered in Madagascar, this weird looking skinny-fingered, bug-eyed creature is still on the verge of extinction.

Come on you have to agree that this is pretty awesome!!  I personally would love to see one of these in real life.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society (UAPS) has announced the winner of its ugliest animal mascot contest and the victor is the blobfish.

I know you are saying to yourself, "What the heck!?!"  It really is quite difference, but interesting


Now here is some great stuff to get for your pets. 

 I will post up to 5 great products each month,



My Little Jasmine loves this one the most.  She loves leeping in there and then she will poke her head out to see what they are all doing.  She looks so cute!

My little kitty's really love this.  It is so much needed if you have cats.

This is a awesome product to have.  Where I live I can not put a regular big fence in and also it would cost me more money than this.  This is so easy to set-up and works great with my big dog.

You know how your dogs pads are all rough then this is what you need.  Like in the first post I have  dog of my own.  My smaller one always has these rough pads on the bottom of all four feet.  I got myself some of this to use on them.  I know for me to touch it is all scratchy and I am not sure if it hurts them when they walk, but I wouldn't want my feet all like that.  You do have to agree with that, because it is the truth.  We all take care of our feet with lotions, pedicures, nails and etc.  So why wouldn't you take care of your dog's paws.

Now here is the best brush for cats and dog.  I like products that I am able to use for all of my pets.  This brush really goes through my long haired cats and it makes it look so nice and fluffy.  Plus it takes all the fur that he would be shedding anyway.  My small dog is a short-haired dog and this brush still takes off some loose hair.  I was actually surprised when I seen that.  this is the best deshedding brush you can get.



Now I want to have a contest and it will be the first of many.  Since Easter is coming up and it is Sunday, March 27th.  The deadline is March 24th.  This contest will be about your pet and Easter.  Now you can enter any pet that you might own and yes it has to be yours.  I would like you to take your pet and Easter and create the cutest Easter picture of your pet.

How To Participate:
  • Take a picture of your pet for Easter.
  • Email it to
  • In subject line please put....Easter pet contest.
  • In the email with the picture, please write pets name and age.

There will be 1 winner of this contest.  I will be using all the pets pictures that entered the contest and make a collage for the nest post.  I want to see how good the contest goes first and maybe next ones will be more.  You will get a gift card for your pet.

** I hope you enjoyed February's Pet Guide Post!  Make sure you join in on the contest and come back next month.**

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Attractive packages offered by Indian tourism

Honeymoon places in India 

 India is a terrain that conjures images that stretch beyond the realms of fantasy. It is a enormous canvas in vivid and myriad of passionate hues. In fact India is a living museum waiting to be explored, felt and cherished. So if you are newly wedded couple than explore the magic of this great land with honeymoon places in India after all a perfect couple deserves the picture perfect places for golden days of their life. Be it the romantic royal retreat in Rajasthan or combination of sun, sand and sea on the beaches of Goa or probably the back waters of God's own country the beauty of your beloved will add to the happiness of your honeymoon at the destination of your choice. With honeymoon places in India the idea of taking a stroll along sun kissed beaches or snuggling in front of fireplace something that lives through ages. So if you are a newly wedded couple then just decide your destination from honeymoon places in India as there are many tour operators who can make arrangements required to make it an unforgettable experience of your life time. 

Goa tour package 

Are you looking for a beach holiday destination for you and your loved ones? Goa tour package offers you to relax on the never ending sandy beaches, explore the churches and colonial buildings of the place. One can also indulge into fun filled activities, carnival, water sports, enjoy the local cuisine and feel refreshed by pleasant climate. The best part of Goa tour package is that it offers you ultimate sun, sand and sea experience of your lifetime. The package takes you along the most wonderful sights of Goa like Anjuna beach, fort Aguada, Agonda, Dona paula and Calangute beaches. Goa tour package also helps you combine your package with India's west coast and travel down to south India with the economical packages offered by us. So plan your holidays to Goa and involve yourself in refreshing water sports activities along the serene beautiful beaches of Goa. It also helps you to customize your package as per your wishes and desires. So get ready to explore this land of Portuguese remains and be a part of this incredible land and create ever lasting memories that you can cherish throughout your lifetime with your family and loved ones. So go ahead and grab it!!!


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Deb's Food Journal Post #1 (February)

 Welcome to the first monthly post in Deb's Food Journal!  Each month there will be post with food product reviews, recipes, food and etc.  You can say just about anything that has to do with food it will be in the posts.

We tend to think of Valentine’s Day as “owning” February, but this list says otherwise. Don’t let one day of red satin candy boxes limit your celebration, when there are month-long festivities like:
There are so many more.  I actually was very surprised when I started to research it.  I never knew there were so many.  It could be a fun way to celebrate and teach your children about all of the other days to celebrate.  That is what I used to do when my children were young.  Plus it just makes a fun day on a rainy, boring weekend.

Now since it is " Great American Pie" month I want to share my favorite pie recipe.


• 1/4 cup Chocolate Chips
• 1 Cookie or graham pie crust
• 12 ounces of Cream Cheese (1½ pkg. of cream cheese)
• 1/2 cup prepared icing
• 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
• 15-20 California Strawberries
• Whipped Cream for garnish

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler or in the microwave and drizzle on bottom of pie crust. 

Blend together cream cheese, icing and vanilla until smooth. 

Spread the cream cheese mixture over drizzled chocolate on crust and arrange the California Strawberries on top of cream cheese mixture with ends pointed upward. 

Finally, put whipped cream on top of strawberries and serve.
** You really need to give this a try.  I know you will love it! **


Now onto the first food product review I would love to share with you.  You might have already heard of this company and maybe even tried some of their products.  This is for everyone that either heard of them or not.  I want to introduce you to Newman's Own.

All of their chocolate candies!

These are awesome for all the chocolate lovers that are out there.  I know exactly what that means when I say Chocolate lovers!  My husband, Hector is a serious Chocolate Lover!  Now don't get me wrong I like chocolate, but I can't say I am in the top Chocolate Lovers group.  

Now let me tell you about these chocolate bars. They have milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  The taste of the chocolate is amazing and it really is the best.  Now you don't have to take my word for it, give it a try for yourself.

Our chocolate bars and cups made from carefully selected organic cocoa beans and other fine ingredients result in richer flavors and a creamy, smooth texture. 

I personally never had tried Hermits.  I did find these to be actually pretty good.  They have three different flavors, which are original, Ginger and Cinnamon.

I do have to say that these are a soft, chewy cookie.  The taste is out of this world.

You need to try these Hermits!

Now I would like to introduce you to some great olive oil and vinegar.   Our extra-virgin olive oil, produced in Tunisa, is considered one of the finest and fruitiest of the olive oils. The balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy has been aged in wooden casks producing a smooth, mellow character.  I say if you are going to prepare a great meal then use the best that is out there.

We all love cookies from time to time and some love them even more.  Let me tell you they have seven different kinds of the sandwich  cookies, like oreo's.   I was lucky enough to get to test taste two kinds of them.  The original Newman O's, which are the chocolate cookies with the white filler for the inside.  I actually like these more than Oreo's and price great.  Shhh this is just our secret!  The other kind I had received was Vanilla Newman O's and they were very tasty too.  I am hoping in the future I will be able to try the other flavors of the Newman O's.  

Now the last of the Newman's Own review.  Yes these do say Alphabet  cookies.  They are small, square cookies with the letters right on them.  These are pretty cool for young children.  They are just the right size even for a 4-year old.  They are very tasty and great for a snack anytime.

They have nine different flavors of Alphabet Cookies.  I personally tasted the Chocolate and the Vanilla Alphabet Cookies and I can say they were great.

                    Give them a try!

Well I shared my opinion of all the GOODIES I had received from Newman's Own.  I personally  can say a these products I listed above are very good, has a great taste to them and they are made organic so they are healthier.  Well why don't you just go to their awesome site and look through and grab yourself a few things to try.  Just click HERE and your on your way!!!

More to come for February...come back and check in!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Play A little Music....

Are you looking to lay down some serious beats or do a little bit of music mixing?  If you are, you can't go wrong with the power of the DJ equipment store on your side.  This is one of the best music stores out there.  They have some really great DJ Gear, the Pioneer DJM-900 has been designed to enable animated DJ's as you see in the real night clubs and studios.

There is so much more at the Musicians Friend site you would totally be amazed.  They have guitars, bass, amplifiers, drums, keyboards and so much more.  My best friend's husband play the bass in his small band he put together many years ago.  As for me, I am not musically included at all but I do go to all the music jams that they do.  I don't have a lot of experience in guitars or keyboards but this is one awesome DJ equipment store.

The next thing that the guys looked for was a new keyboard.  They said you must make certain that you view all keyboards. You need to take a look at all the different models and makes that are on the market.  It is also very important to get the ideal keyboard that has all the functions that you want.  I actually found that quite interesting, since I wouldn't know how. They found the Yamaha YPG-235 in which they liked and the price was right too.

Well to wrap up my post I just want to say if you are in a band, a DJ or just looking to start then the trip to the Musician's Friend is in your best interest.  This is really a great DJ equipment store for all of the nights behind the scenes.

Tree Umph

I am creating this post to introduce you to this awesome place here in Florida.  Make sure you read all through this post and then make sure you come back after I post you MY review of our trip.

Searching for your next thrill? Get your feet off the ground and into the trees at TreeUmph! Adventure Course, Southwest Florida's first treetop obstacle course! 

Plan for a full day of climbing, zipping, swinging and soaring in a beautiful vertical playground that offers a bird's eye view of fun with exciting challenges! With aerial courses ranging in difficulty and height, adventurers work their way through intricate obstacles that test your balance and ignite your passion for action and adventure. This exhilarating, safe and healthy outdoor adventure is perfect for kids, families, groups and even team-building business retreats! 

The Ground is Overrated... and after a full day of action-packed fun at TreeUmph! Adventure Course, you'll see why.

We invite you to enjoy a day at TreeUmph! Adventure Course and experience all the thrills for yourself.

Fast Facts:

* Expansive park over 10 football fields in size!
* Hanging nets, wobbly bridges, Tarzan ropes & more
* Triumphant 650-foot-long ZIP line
* 76 treetop obstacles from beginner to extreme
* Built to the highest safety standards in the industry
* Spend your day with at TreeUmph! - Courses take 3 to 4 hours!
10% OFF Weekday Bookings! - ZIP over to and enjoy 10% off your weekday treetop adventure! Offer valid on all regularly priced tickets booked online for visits Monday through Friday with promo code USFG. Book Online at S.R. 70 E, Bradenton, FL - 10 mins. East of I-75 .@usfg

Come and check out this awesome video of what you can do at this great place.

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I would like to start off saying that Deb's Super Blog is my other blog.  I am trying to link them both together throughout articles that I find interesting.   


Well the reason why I decided to do some research and write this post is because I saw a movie with this concept in it. In my younger years we all heard about Gothic, demons, Ouija and many other things in this category.  My husband has always been interested in this stuff since high school.  I think that is the reason I am.  We had done some pretty crazy and scary things while we were growing up.

 If you are interested or just want to learn about the Gothic Symbols  and the meaning for them.  Then continue reading and click HERE.


This is one out of the box topic that I always loved to write about.  As you can tell I love different, unusual and interesting topics to write on.  You got to admit this topic never crossed your mind at all.  

There is alot more proof out there than we really knew about  Vampires existing.  There are old sacred writings about vampires and even books written by doctors of the 1800’s about the physical differences of a vampire body and how it works.
So if this mall part got you interested in this topic then you must finish reading it right HERE.

My Predictions For Life In A 100 Years…..

I know we will not be around to see what life will actually be like in 100 years.  But this is another out-of-box topics.  I really loved this post when I came up with it.  I hope I will be able to get all my readers minds to start turning and thinking.  I will share my predictions for life in 100 years from now.

Now I hope I got your attention and if I did then come over HERE and read how I predict life will be and share yours.  I would love to read yours too.

Why is the word hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia so long if it stands for fear of long words?


I had always heard this growing up and often wondered why it was so long for the meaning of it.  Did you know that this word actually has 36 letters in it. So I thought this would be a great, fun post.  Well read on and see the reason why.

Come and read what I have to say about this 36 letter word.  Just click HERE.


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Valentine's Day Gift Guide.....2016

As we all know Valentine's Day is February 14th and it is a holiday that everyone in the world celebrates.  It is a very special day for lovers, wives/husbands, boy friend/girlfriend or that secret crush.  I do know sometime people have a hard time to get the perfect gift on Valentine's Day.  So this is why I created this Gift Guide.  I have a creative imagination for ideas on gifts, ideas or just different ways to celebrate and have fun.  I might just share a few of them throughout this post.  I was hoping to have more gift ideas than I do, but we still have time.

Now I wanted to start with this pretty neat gift.  I really found this one petty awesome and I love it myself.  

Now if you are romantic and want to give your partner something different but want to love in it.  I really have to say that this is the perfect way to go.  There are so many different  book you can choose from.  I actually had a hard time to pick out my book.  Like I said you will be amazed at the selection they have.   I picked this title to my book because I always dream of going to a exotic island to find love.   Well with whatever book you purchase you are able to have your name and your better halves name in the book.  Your the main characters throughout the book.  Now come on you have to say that is pretty romantic.
The Introduction Page of the Book....

As you can see it starts off with the Introduction page with the two main characters that are throughout the story.  I do have to say reading a story when your the main character makes it more interesting.  

Here are the different categories of books you can get personalized with your name in it.

Why wait another minute....come and do it now for that sweetheart in your life.  Come and check out all the great books right HERE.

Now I am going to introduce you to something really new out there.  I had never heard of this until just recently.  It did really grab my attention, so I needed to get one and see for myself.  They do have a couple of different ones.  These are the kinds they have to choose from:

Sterling Silver .925 

-                                                              * PLATED ROSE RHODIUM
                                                              -* PLATED YELLOW RHODIUM

14kt Gold Soda Tab

                                                               -* GOLD
                                                               -* ROSE
                                                               -* WHITE

This is the one I ha picked out.  It is the Sterling Silver Plated Rose.

Choose from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, or Silver, and Rhodium plated Soda Tabs. Mix and match to make the ultimate necklace, bracelet, or accessory and keep the memories alive.  you are probably saying it's just a soda tab, but it is more than a soda tab. It is a creative, unique way of creating memories for the both of you. If that is not enough for you they give a percentage of all sales and donate it to an Alzheimer's organization to do just that. 

    Help us help the ones that want to continue to create these everlasting memories.


The reputation of Valentine’s Day–and the tale of its customer saint–is surrounded in key. We do know that Feb is actually recognized as a 30 days of loving endeavors, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it nowadays, contains vestiges of both Religious and historical Roman custom. But who was St. Valentine, and how did he become associated with this historical rite?

The Catholic Cathedral identifies at least three different team known as Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred. One tale suggests that Valentine was a preacher who provided during the third millennium in The capital. When Emperor Claudius II made the decision that individual men made better military than those with spouses and family members, he banned wedding for younger men. Valentine, recognizing the disfavor of the decree, defied Claudius and ongoing to execute weddings for younger fans in key. When Valentine’s activities were found, Claudius requested that he be put to loss of life.

Other experiences declare that Valentine may have been murdered for trying to help Religious believers evade severe Roman jails, where they were often defeated and tormented. According to one tale, an locked up Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” introduction himself after he dropped motivated by a younger girl–possibly his jailer's daughter–who frequented him during his confinement. Before his loss of life, it is claimed that he had written her a correspondence finalized “From your Valentine,” a symbol that is still in use nowadays. Although the fact behind the Valentine stars is dirty, the experiences all highlight his attraction as a supportive, brave and–most importantly–romantic determine. By the Center Age groups, perhaps thanks to this popularity, Valentine would become one of the most well-known team in Britain and Italy.


Now this is the perfect gift for that man in your life for Valentine's Day.  The Dollar Shave Club  is a subscription box for men providing the essential elements for that perfect shave.  You are able to design your monthly box you would like to receive.  They have different types and sizes you are able to pick from.  The other great part is that you are able to switch them up in the future.
I would like to share this next part which I think is awesome.  There is no fees that need to be paid up front.  You also don't need to sign your life away with this club, as you have to with some that are out there.  You don;t have no commitments and your able to cancel anytime you would like.  This is what makes the Dollar Shave Club the best club out there.  You are also guaranteed 100% satisfaction.  

This everything for just the first month
I was very amazed at what came in the first Dollar Shave Club box. This box contained hair products, beard products and tons of other things.  Your man will absolutely love you for the perfect shave they will get from this product.  They will receive blades every month, so they will be able to have that perfect, fresh shave with a nice, new blade.  If you don't shave alot during the month then you can have your new blades arrive every 2 or 3 months.  It is totally up to you on that delivery.  You are also able to pick out some of the other products they have included in your box.

Now I will tell you my husband's opinion and mine about this box of goodies he received from the Dollar Shave Club.  I personally think it is a great deal for everything you get.  I looked and smelled the products and they have a nice, manly smell to them.  I love the way it makes his face feel after having.  It really makes it feel soft and smooth.  He used to have like the "red rash" that some men get from shaving and the post shave product is totally helping him.

Now I am going to tell you what my husband has said about this Dollar Shave Club.  I first want to tell you he is very picky and not a person to really try out new things.  He did look through the box when I gave it to him.  That as a good start, cause he usually doesn't even do that.  Then we both smelled them and he looked at them all.  Well he tried the post shave cream and did what it said to do.  He really LOVES the razors he had received.  I actually love the razors to.  He might just lose one! ( shhh, don't tell him).  He also tried a few of the other products this weekend and he does like the box of products he received.  So that is a good thing because like I said he is picky and hates to try new things.  So this Dollar Shave Club is well worth it!

I would like to take this minute to wrap up this post on the Dollar Shave Club with that it is so well worth the deal you will be getting.  Your man will look, smell and feel freshly cleaned and shaved for you.  Why should your man have all little cut marks from a old razor or be all red with a rash, when you can order this great box and it is delivered right to your door.  No fast runs to the store when your in a rush for a shave, no going without a shave if you have no time.  This will be just no worrying no more.  You will have it at your door every month if that is how you want it delivered.

So come on and click HERE and start your first month.


 While some believe that Valentine’s Day is well known in the center of Feb to honor the birthday of Valentine’s loss of life or burial–which probably happened around A.D. 270–others declare that the Religious cathedral may sensible to position St. Valentine’s food day in the center of Feb in an attempt to “Christianize” the questionable party of Lupercalia. Recognized at the ides of Feb, or Feb 15, Lupercalia was a infertility event devoted to Faunus, the Roman god of farming, as well as to the Roman creators Romulus and Remus.

To start the event, individuals the Luperci, your purchase of Roman clergymen, would collect at a holy cavern where the babies Romulus and Remus, the creators of The capital, were considered to have been taken care of by a she-wolf or lupa. The clergymen would compromise a goat, for infertility, and a dog, for filtration. They would then remove the goat’s cover up into pieces, dip them into the sacrificial veins and take to the roads, carefully hitting both females and plants areas with the goat cover up. Far from being afraid, Roman females accepted the contact of the conceals because it was considered to create them more rich in buy. Later in the day, according to tale, all the younger ladies in the town would position their titles in a big urn. The city’s bachelor's would each select a name and become combined for the season with his selected lady. These suits often led to wedding.


Lupercalia live through the preliminary increase of Christianity and but was outlawed—as it was considered “un-Christian”–at the end of the 5th millennium, when Pope Gelasius announced Feb 14 St. Valentine’s Day. It was not until much later, however, that the day became for sure associated with really like. During the Center Age groups, it was generally considered in Italy and Britain that Feb 14 was the starting of birds’ propagation year, which included to the concept that the center of Valentine’s Day should be a day for romantic endeavors.

Valentine greetings were called long ago again as the Center Age groups, though published Valentine’s didn’t start to appear until after 1400. The earliest known valentine still most people was a poetry coded in 1415 by Charles, Fight it out of Orleans, to his spouse while he was locked up in the Structure of London, uk following his catch at the Fight of Agincourt. (The introduction is now aspect of the manuscript assortment of the English Selection in London, uk, Britain.) Several decades later, it is assumed that Master Gretchen V employed an author known as David Lydgate to write a valentine observe to Catherine of Valois.

I will also add a list of things a women would love on Valentine's day.  Like I always told my husband it is the amount you spend on a gift, it is the love you show me.  I have always loved making up some special thing to give to him and of course bought him something. But always we don't have a lot of extra money, so I just would love a small gesture.  Well on to the list of things.

  • Flowers (cut by your love)
  • Coupon booklet
  • Card or Poem
  • Walk along beach during sunset
  • Picnic
  • Drive along a road in the country
  • Homemade cake shaped as a heart
  • A romantic dinner with candles
  • Rose petals on the bed and candles
  • A whole body massage with oils
  • You can make a homemade book
  • Crochet a heart pillow (If you know how to. I personally don't but I seen my friends and looks awesome)
  • A rose petal wreath

There is a few things off the top of my head that us women would like.  Let me tell you ladies there is a lot you could also do for your man.  I know men seem so complicated at some times but they really have a sweet spot in them.  So some homemade chocolates, like fudge, peanut butter balls or heart shaped chocolates.  These are all so easy to make and then put them into a nice container you can get at a local Dollar Store.  They also would love a massage too and some coupons.  My hubby likes his coupons that I gave him years ago.  You need to make them creative and add some things in there that he don't really like to do around the house, so that way he knows it's a gift. Well I hope this helps and you all have a great Valentine's Day.

Well as we know Valentine's Day is coming close and it will be here in no matter of what.  So why not be prepared for that special day.  Start your mind thinking and get yourself in a creative mood and create your Valentine something really special for Valentine's Day.