Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday ....... 9/24/15

WooHoo it's Thursday and here is my Throwback post for it.

So what would say would be your Throwback Thursday post would be?

Well mine is going to be pictures of the old technology that we used when I was a child and not seen by children these days.

Here are some of the older technology that I had used when I was growing up.  Wow looking back now it really is amazing how much everything changed.  I know my children would really laugh if I placed any of these in front of them.  But sometimes those days were simple.  You actually had to talk to people not just through text and emails.  I still have the first Nintendo system and Atari games and my children shake their heads, but I love playing the older games that is what I am used to.

What is your favorite older technology gadget?