Thursday, October 22, 2015

One-Year Warranties at Gazelle!

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Ever accidentally drop your phone or had it exposed to water or liquid? I have, and each time I stressed about how much a replacement phone was going to cost. That stress and anxiety went away when I started buying my phones from Gazelle Certified. Not only is it a much more affordable way to buy a super nice, high-quality phone, I also know that it'll have great functionality because it went through Gazelle's 30+-point inspection process. 

Even better is that I just learned that, starting October 22nd, Gazelle will offer one-year warranties on all their Gazelle Certified phones and iPads. This means that if your screen gets cracked, you accidentally drop it in the toilet, or your kiddo gets a hold of it and suddenly your buttons don't work anymore, Gazelle will replace your device after you pay a $49 deductible. 

It's helpful to note that the actual up-front cost of the warranty will vary depending on which device and model you purchase, but the deductible will always be $49 regardless of device and model. Also, the replacement will be the same device and model. In the unlikely scenario that that device and model is unavailable, Gazelle will give you the cash-equivalent of what the device is worth at that time. 

Awesome, right?! Why don't other carriers offer this?

Check out Gazelle's wide selection of certified pre-owned devices and save yourself time and money — not to mention stress!