Sunday, November 22, 2015


I would love to introduce you to Luxe Pineapple.  This is a great place to shop online.  I came across this on my own and checked it out.  I came across some awesome products, also at awesome prices.

Let me start with that your able to shop for some really great make-up and it is very good make-up.  I actually bought a few things from them and I love them.  I bought this NYX Glitter eye shadow and a air of eye lashes.  These two products go great together.




Like I had told you these products are really inexpensive but have great quality to them.  They also have these awesome Box Of Joy. Each box is named different and they contain a multiple of products.  These are priced affordable also.


There is just one of their awesome Boxes you are able to get.  These would make a great Christmas resent for any woman in your life.  Don't wait to long or you will miss out on a great purchase.

Well if your not looking to purchase at this time, I would like to ask each of my readers to sign up atleast.  If you make a account you will receive a link and a special promo code from my link to get a discount when you make your first purchase.  I know you can find something on this site that you would love to have.

Come back and let me know if you ordered and how you like the product.  I like to hear what my readers like and don't like.  Don't forget to stop back by and tell me.