Monday, November 30, 2015

I want to start this post with I had never seen such a great website with so many different kinds of sunglasses you can choose from.  I had a hard time picking out the pair I wanted.  I went through five different ones until I finally chose this pair.

Who They are:
Sunglass warehouse started in 2002, when Randy and Angie started selling sun glasses out of their home in Greenwood, Indiana.  Before to long their two man business started to outgrow their home.  This turned in the global eCommerce it is today.  

What They Are About:
The Sunglass warehouse wants you to be able to get out and do all the things you love to do.  They have made that perfect pair of sun glasses for every outdoor adventure you want to take.  They also don't think that you need to spend hundred on that perfect pair of sun glasses.  If you are looking for a pair of mirrored sun glasses or just a style for different events that you will be doing.  They have them all and the best part is the prices are so reasonable and won't break your wallet.

Now I want to let you know that this site has hundreds of awesome sun glasses.  They have so many different styles to choose from.  You will be just as surprised as I was when I went to pick out mine. 

They pride themselves in offering great products at unbeatable prices. They do  believe that the  customers will love their wide range of styles, including aviators, driving glasses, polarized lenses, and fishing sunglasses that float.  They offer free shipping on qualified orders to the US, Canada and Australia to make their customers sunglasses and accessories that much easier to get.

Those are only a few of the pairs that are on their website.  They are all made durable and with style.  I personally love my pair of sun glasses and wear them all the time. 

What are you waiting for?  

Grab yourself or a loved one a pair right HERE!