Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Check Out These Beauty Products

I wanted to take a moment to explain this post a little bit before just diving into the reviews.  This post will contain four different product companies within it as you can see from the picture above.   They all will go great together or if you wish by themselves.  I said what I needed and now here we go onto the first great product.

Introducing Fat Hair.  I do have to tell you that I have tried so many hair products that are out there and I really never found a great one.  Well now I did and I have to tell you about it.  This will help with hair repair and damage.  We all know our hair can get damaged very quickly using some products.  This is the product you want in your hair.  This contains a blend of protein botanical extract, inositol, taurine, avacado and olive oil.  All of these great ingredients help with volumize and repair limp damaged hair and leave it fuller, shinier and healthier.  That way your hair is looking so good.

What are you waiting for?  Come and get the look right here!

Introducing you to Parissa Organic Wax for your legs, body and face.  A a women we like our legs to be smooth and soft all the times.  Well i know I do and that is exactly what I do.  My legs are my pride and joy and using razors are just the old way to remove the hair off your legs.  This is the most affordable waxing kit you could ever use and the results are great.  Give a gift this holiday season that will make the recipient feel beautiful from the inside out!

  • Combination of organically grown cane sugar and organic chamomile
  • Easy to use
  • Heat up body sugar in microwave and spreadable liquid formula zips right off!

Grab a box right over here!

Now I would love to tell you about Rapid Lash.  Instead of fussing with falsies this holiday party season, use RapidLash to achieve full, fluttery lashes. Featuring the groundbreaking Hexatein1 Complex, a unique proprietary mix of six highly effective ingredients, achieve luscious lashes in as little as 30 days.

  • Condition, enhance and improve the appearance of lashes
  • Unique combination of ingredients fortifies, moisturizes and conditions
  • Enhance lashes in 30 days
If you are wanting lashes that look full and sexy this is the right product for you.  I always have loved certain peoples lashes because mine are just alright.  I came across this and I am thrilled to death with this product.  It really worked great and my lashes are getting fuller.  I can see the difference now.  So don't wait to long to have those gorgeous lashes come and get this Rapid Lash right now and right here.

                                                 Bigen Vivid Shades 

The perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty lover, this hair dye will create the semi-permanent rainbow tresses of your technicolor dreams. Choose one sultry shade or mix and match Royal Purple, Passion Pink and Turquoise Blue to create vibrant locks to obsess over.

Here are some of the great things you get with Bigen:

  • Lasting rich color with shiny, sleek results
  • Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide-free ingredients 
  • Easy to use, minimal dripping application
  • Washes out after 6-8 washes
  • Safety for use after chemical treatments

I found this hair color very easy to use.  All you need to do is rub it in like you would with regular dye, but you can make streaks, do the ends or maybe half the hair.  The possibilities are endless.  You leave it on and then just rinse it out.  It is not permanent so you are able to chose which color you would lie to use in 6 to 8 washes.  

I do have to say I personally will be getting more after I run out.  I like a change every now and then and Bigen Vivid Shades make it possible.

If you want a change or maybe your teenage daughter then this would be the perfect stocking stuffers ever and so affordable and so easy to get.  All you need to do is click right Here and you are on your way to purchasing them.

Well I hoe you enjoyed this awesome post of all these great products that us women all love.  So don't forget to give these a try.  I know you will be as thrilled as I am.