Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hanes Hosiery

Hanes Hosiery’s new Fall 2015 collection features innovative styles that are the perfect balance of beauty and comfort. Hanes is revitalizing leg wear this season with the introduction of X-Temp technology and solution based sheers, tights and leggings that compliment women of every age, nationwide.
The Hanes Power Shapers collection integrates the benefits of shape wear into leg wear with run resistant technology that keeps every woman looking polished with a flawless finish from day to night.  Available in a variety of deniers and a no hose® slimmer, the Hanes Power Shapers collection provides a smooth, no lines appearance, even under the most body conscious styles.
X-Temp tights from Hanes are designed to adapt to your body temperature providing comfort throughout the day.  X-Temp technology is designed to adjust to your body’s temperature and activity to keep you comfortable and confident.  X-Temp tights are available in a variety of styles from core opaques to boot liners, convertibles and smoothing leggings that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

I personally have to say thee are the best ever.  They go on so nice and smooth.  They make your legs look so awesome.  They will go with anything I want to wear.  Those pictured above are the ones that I got to try.  The Hane's Power Shapers are my favorite ones though.  I love how they are made with the control top. These really do help shape your figure.  They are black and very sleek.  Now to tell you about the Hanes Fashion Tights.  These too are my favorites because I never had any kind of tights that were reversible.  I really found this interesting so that is why I chose them.  They are a few different colors you can chose from.  I had chose Black/Cranberry splash.  I got to say I really love the color of the Cranberry splash.  You are able to chose the color scheme I got or Black/Echo Grey or Black/Sapphire.  I highly recommend that you grab some of these tights for yourself.  These are perfect for all of your holiday parties.

I just wanted to share with you all the great holiday sale that they have.  Come and take advantage of this ale and grab yourself a great present of Hanes!