Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nicole Andrews Collection

Nicole Andrews Collection is an upscale fashion line designed by actress Nicole Andrews -- known for roles in Lovelace, Homefront, How I Met Your Mother and upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface -- and her mother Donna. Inspired by the sunny California lifestyle and combined with Hollywood glamour, this brand is sexy, comfortable and chic. Each piece is travel friendly and fun for any occasion. 
Nicole Andrews Collection was born out of Nicole’s passion for altering dress designs to fit her own personal style. After receiving numerous compliments when wearing her designs on the red carpet, she decided to start her own apparel brand. Founded in 2014, all Nicole Andrews Collection creations are made in Los Angeles from locally sourced materials, a point of pride for the brand.
A mother-daughter duo, Nicole and Donna enthusiastically channel their own fashion flair into their designs, including custom handmade jewelry, tassels and bracelets. The Nicole Andrews Collection utilizes high quality, soft fabrics to create versatile, sexy silhouettes. Each piece is made to be travel-friendly, incorporating 2-in-1 features such as a built-in bra. The Malibu,Midnight and Goddess Collections are suitable for any occasion and make up the core of the product line.

Now this is the one for anyone out there that loves to look beautiful.  This is my favorite one and it is called The Malibu Halter.  I can wear this pretty much anywhere that I go.  I can wear it to the movies, out to eat with my husband, to the club and even a night watching the fireworks.  I am able to wear it with my black jeans, my black capri's and my awesome black skirt I have.  

The FOREVER Long Sleeve Wrap in WINE on Arizona Midday

I really hope you enjoyed this post and will stop by and check out some of the awesome clothes.  You will not be disappointed at all.  I love so many different ones and will get them all one by one.