Friday, January 8, 2016


I wanted to make this post to let you know what a great website this is.  It has so many different products you can imagine.  Of course there is a lot of great stuff for Christmas, but they have things for every day.  That is why they have "and more" in the title.

Now I want to share with you the three products I picked out from them and let you know exactly what I think.  I am going to start with my first favorite one out of the three.

Incandescent Light Curtain


Incandescent Light Curtain with 150 clear lights. This set is 6' x 5'. Each set contains fifteen drops with 10 bulbs. There is 4"" spacing between drops and 6"" spacing between each bulb in each drop. There is a 12"" lead from the plug to the first drop & 4"" tail after last drop.


I have to say that these curtain lights are really awesome.  I have them up on one side of my patio.  I have a little table and chairs and a few other things and these lights just completes the look.  I am going to purchase three more sets so I can have them all around the sides. They actually hang down like a curtain and the lights are jut the right size.  They aren't too bright or to dim, but perfect to set the mood of the night.  They are very easy to put up and very durable.  I love them and I know you would too.

 5 Poinsettia Flowers in a Pot



Take this pot filled with five poinsettia flowers and add that touch of color to any decoration. Bring in the elegance of the poinsettia flower to accent a home or business. Also know as the 'Christmas Star', let the flower bring that Christmas cheer to any place!


This poinsettia flowers are the perfect touch to a table inside or out.  I personally have mine still sitting on the little table I have on the patio.  It is the right size and of course will last forever.  They are very beautiful flowers.

15.7" Red Velvet Bow


Put the finishing touch on your larger Christmas present or top off your Christmas tree with this festive 15.7"" red velvet bow. Great for decorating both around the home and in commercial areas.


This is a real delicate red bow.  I like the feeling of it. The velvet is really smooth and I love it.  There are thousands of things you could use this Red Bow for.  If you have  imagination then you are all set.  I had put mine on a wreath I was making for my front door.  You could put it on the Poinsettia  flowers or a huge gift to make it stand out more.  Like I said these bows are great for just about anything and everything.  They don't just need to be used for Christmas.

Well just make sure you come and top by and look around  "All things Christmas and more"  to see what I am talking about.