Thursday, January 14, 2016

Deb's Food Journal

I wanted to create a food journal for a few months now.  I finally got everything together that I needed to make this post come alive.  We all love food and of course we need it to survive, but we are all afraid to try something unusual or something we never tasted before.  Well with this great, ongoing food journal post I can help with those situations and more.

In this post I will share reviews of food, links on where to buy it, share some recipes and even some food articles that I will write up.  The articles will be a vary of topics as I see fit for the post.  You will need to come back constantly to read up on all the new things that I will be posting weekly.  I will separate and date each of the posts that are inside this great "Deb's Food Journal" post.

I also would like to say if you need advice on food, a recipe or anything that needs to go along with food then leave me it and I will address it as best as I can.