Thursday, March 10, 2016

Introducing .......... ZEROWATER !

I would like to introduce you to ZEROWATER!  I have to say I never had anything like this before or as great as this.  I will be telling you about the product, how it is used, how the water taste and a few other important things about ZEROWATER.

I have to start out by telling you that my tap water is just horrible to drink right out of it.  I never really drank much water before.  It just contains so many different chemicals and makes it taste not so good at all.  I really don't think I should have to go to the store and buy gallons of water to drink.  I find that a waste of money.

Now with this Zero Water Filtration Pitch it is so easy  to have some awesome tasting water.  Plus all you need is to buy this whole Zero Water Filtration pitcher just once.  So, as you can see this runs around $45 just one payment and your done.  The gallons of water are like $1.19 and if you buy five a week it will cost $5.95 a week.  So a month will be $23.80 and in two months you would have already paid for this Zero Water Filtration Pitcher.

So now you know what you have to do!

Since I have been using this filter system it made my horrible water awesome tasting.  It is so very easy to use.  It does not take a rocket scientist, trust me because I am not one.  I can say that this makes my water taste like water: clean, clear, and no "flavor". Finally, a water filter system I can trust, test, and that works like a charm. Now I can filter my tap water into the bottle, and just pour our to cook rice, pasta, and all my other water needs. I really like this product. The TDS meter snaps into the top so that you never lose it.

This is really great when you test your water for the first time.  This is how it is ranged from a 0 being exceptionally good, 500+, don't drink it, mine is 395. It comes with the paper with all the numbers listed on it and tells you how good or bad your water is.. Like I said I am glad I had a chance to get one of these. It changes my life and my water.

Let me tell you I think that you should grab yourself one and even one for a family member.  This would be the best gift you could ever give someone.  Everyone loves clean water and they all need atleast 24 ounces of water per day.

Stop by HERE and grab yourself one!