Monday, June 20, 2016

June's Post ................... The Love of Books!

I would like to introduce you to the very first post for, "The Love of Books".  I hope you are just as excited as I am.  I love to read all kinds of books.  I am also very interested in learning and of course to share my thoughts on a good book.  I hope you will read some of the books I share.

The first book I would like to share is.........

This author Lauraine offers a character-driven tale about trust in God when life has been turned upside down. Mona and Ken Sorenson have been married for 34 years; with Ken about to retire from a successful career as dean of students at the fictional Stone University in Wisconsin, they are looking forward to a relaxing second act with only themselves and their two pets to worry about. Their plans are derailed when their son, Steig, a single father, is deployed to Pakistan and leaves his two young children in their care. Ken and Mona need to adjust to life as the primary caregivers for Mellie, age 10, and Jakey, age 5. Meanwhile, Ken continues to put out fires at work, and Mona faces an ongoing battle with depression and worry as well as a physical health scare. They both will learn important lessons about themselves and what is important as they navigate this new chapter of their lives. Meanwhile, Mellie and Jakey struggle to cope with the loss of both their parents and the fear that their grandparents will abandon them as well. This quiet novel about the growing trend of grandparents raising their grandchildren and keeping one's faith amidst the challenges of life will appeal to mature Christian readers.

The second book I will introduce to you is........

Kraus, well known for his animal stories (The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge), charms fans again with his latest canine tale. In present-day Pittsburgh, Penn., 85-year-old Gretna Steele adopts black Lab mix Thurman on a whim. When she learns of her retirement community’s “no pets” rule, she must hand him off to her reclusive son, Wilson. It seems Thurman was meant to be with Wilson all along, as the dog begins to pull the isolated professor and Vietnam vet out of his self-induced “sweet invisibility.” Wilson keeps his past deeply buried, but Thurman draws him out with growls and yips that seem to be actual words—at least to Wilson. Across the continent in Portland, Ore., Hazel Jamison discovers a mysterious photograph and key when she clears out her mother’s home. The key changes Hazel’s life and the photo sets her on a journey of discovery that intersects with Wilson and Thurman in unexpected ways. This sweet novel is for readers who love tales of sentient pets, or just well-told, simple stories of redemption and forgiveness. Agent: Chip MacGregor, MacGregor Literary.

Now for the last book of the post is...........

THE ABCs OF CHRISTIANITY is a concise summary of the fundamental principles of the religion of Jesus, presented so today's generation will understand the Bible and experience the gift of knowing God. 

Yes, this "is" Grandma's religion. The underpinnings are the same rock solid concepts taught for 2,000 years. But this book is what texting is to ancient scrolls with each concept presented in concise, almost outline, form. Every doctrine is further referenced by Scripture, allowing readers to use the Bible translation of their choice whether it be a leather-bound King James Version on onion-skin paper, a Biblical translation app, (on phone or tablet), or favorite spirituality Internet site. Stripped of anecdotes, wordsmithing, and other mechanics used to communicate biblical truth, this handbook is meant to serve all who wish to live in the now and experience the gift of actively knowing God.


Well I hope you all enjoyed the first post of books.  Of course, this will be a monthly post with more and more books.

Make some time and grab one of these books or maybe even two.