Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 ...... BACK-TO-SCHOOL

**I received some of the products listed here to review for my opinion and there are affiliate links that I will earn a commission if purchased through the links. This is all my own opinions and in my own words.**

As you already know school will be starting real soon.  It always seems like the summers fly by and the school bells are ringing.  As you know also the school sends home a list of supplies the children need to bring to school on the first day.  I know it can become overwhelming at times making sure they have the supplies, new school shoes, clothes, haircuts and etc. and some children aren't as lucky as some of the other ones.  I would like to give you an example of what I am talking about.  I personally am a mom of six children and yes you read that right.  So in my case, I started buying new school clothes around the time they were getting out of school for the summer.  That way I got to pick and chose without being rushed and plus the winter clothes go on sales right then too.  So I would get everything I could at that time.  Then slowly over the summer, I would get two children their new sneakers one month and then two more the next month and I know you know which way I am going with this.  So with this Back-To-School Guide, I am going to have information, a few articles and some great products that your child may need for school.

Order Out Of Chaos

Their goal is for each student to take age-appropriate responsibility for their schoolwork, time and activities while eliminating the stress and pressure that comes from being disorganized.  Order Out of Chaos understands that being organized doesn't always come naturally for everyone. We will help you acquire the skills you need to STAY organized once a system is in place. 

This company is really amazing they have everything that a student will need to keep everything organized and planned out.  This site is also great for teachers too.  You really need to come by and check it all out.

This planner is a really awesome one to have.  You are able to see what assignments are due and when tests are going to happen.  This planner is a very deluxed one to take with you during school.

This is exactly what the Academic Planner looks like.  Like I had said this is the perfect planner to keep everything all organized.  It really is great!

These heavyweight plastic markers are easily moved each week and help students quickly find their place. The Academic Planner PageMarker clips in and out of wire binding and features a 7-inch ruler.

Now for the last thing I would like to say to you about these products are they are the best for your child during the upcoming school year.  There are several other products you to look at too.  So don't waste no time and click right HERE!


This is a little bit about Classroom Friendly Supplies.  There is nothing worse than 

being interrupted in your classroom by the annoying sound of a pencil sharpener. It brings 

your lesson to a screeching halt. I am an elementary school teacher and the owner of 

Classroom Friendly Supplies. I started selling these quiet and efficient sharpeners after 

realizing that many fellow teachers were also struggling with the same problems as I was 

Over the past 10 years I have sold to thousands of teachers. There are now over 2,500 school districts across the US that have decided to purchase Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpeners. As you can see, word has spread quickly.
Now I have to tell you that I had the opportuity to give one of these sharpeners a try.  The sharpener is just the right size, not a big bulky ones like I have had in the past.  You will also have everything you need to mount it on the wall in the package.  It was very simple to mount it on the wall and get it all  set to use.  This sharpener handle turns with so much ease and your pencil sharpens within seconds.   This sharpener is not just great for the classroom it is awesome to have in your home.   Now the last thing I would like to share is that you are able to pick out any color that you like.  They have so many different colors to chose from and I liked the purple one.
So if your a teacher, homeschooling children or you just need a sharpener at home for those homework nights.  All you need to do is click right HERE and grab yourself one.
Among School Children 

It’s amazing how you can grow up and forget childhood-excitement, or the feeling of it. I was watching a whole lot of small children a while ago and was sad to realise that I’ve lost some of the wonder of being a child. 

I was near to a sweet stall and it was amazing to just see the looks on the children’s faces as their gaze fell upon the colourful treasure. Their eyes glowed and all of a sudden their hands transformed into magnets, attracted to the sweets. Some would just walk to the stall, grab a sweet and shove it in their mouth before anyone could stop them. I saw twins, a boy and a girl about two years old. They both had huge blue eyes and couldn’t resist reaching out to the sweets. Their mother tried desperately to stop them and the little girl looked at her with those irresistible eyes and smiled as if to say, “How can you resist me?” All the while the mother was probably worrying about them getting rotten teeth. 

We have forgotten the innocence of childhood and sometimes cannot see just the positive aspects of things. Another little girl, about five years old, brought a friend to choose some sweets. While choosing what they wanted, the little girl pointed to some and said, “Those are bubblegum. But you can’t have them.” Her friend asked her why and she answered, “Because I’m not allowed to.” 

We sometimes forget how to appreciate and enjoy a moment to the fullest. When children see their friends it’s as if just seeing them gives them an enormous amount of energy. 
They run up to them shouting in excitement and immediately they run off together to play. Children are able to show their true emotions in a way grownups can’t/won’t. They don’t worry about other peoples reactions, they act on impulse. 

Sometimes I think that we burden children with our worries and fears and in a way we steal their treasured childhood. Instead of forcing them to rely on their imagination, we just switch on the television and let actors entertain them. Children become desensitised because we expect them to handle things that are beyond their understanding. We trap their abundant energy by feeding them junk to keep them quiet and buying playstations to keep them occupied instead of letting them run around and play, and then fall asleep, exhausted, to their own dreams not simulated ones. 

We are thieves, worse than any other criminals, because we take something that can never be replaced, bought or repaired: their freedom to just be a child. 

We are the only people with the ability to give a child a happy childhood. To give someone memories that can often be looked back on with nostalgia would provide the greatest sense of achievement ever, because then, not only have we physically given them life, but provided them with, at least, the greatest beginning to the whole experience.


6 Pack Fitness creates iconic bags, luggage, and meal management travel gear for serious athletes, bodybuilding, CrossFit  and fitness enthusiasts. We provide stylish and innovative solutions for those who live and breathe fitness. Our products are designed to keep every athlete organized and prepared so they can focus on training hard, eating right, and traveling fit.

6 Pack Fitness  has worked tirelessly to bring function and design into the world of fitness gear unlike ever before. Forget the tired lunchboxes of yesteryear, as our travel bags will offer support in completing your fitness goals, no matter where your day takes you. Live the 6 Pack Fitness  lifestyle and Travel Fit.

These backpacks are made very sturdy and tough.  You are able to put your gym clothes in the top half and on the bottom pack that fitness snacks in the bottom.  This backpack is great for the children in school.  There is a ton of room for all their books and the lunch box in the bottom for their lunch.  The built-in lunch box is insulated and it will keep your food nice and cool.  It also comes with tight fitting containers for the food and they just slide right into it.
                                                    Come and grab one right HERE.
As we know our children always needs and wants new school clothes and they have some different of opinions of what clothes.  Plus like for me I have six children and let me tell you that was a very high clothing bill when they all were in school at one time.  So that is when I started looking for great prices and some great buys.  As of right now not all of my children are in school anymore together. I do have a couple that still are and this is where I get some of their clothes and I even shop on this site for me too.  So I want to introduce you to SCHOOLA.

It’s almost time to send our little ones back to school. What better way than wearing our latest fashions but at a lower price? Doesn’t get better than that, does it? Now, you can save 30% when you spend $30 or more!
I will be sharing some great outfits that your able to grab right on the website for your little ones.  You still should stop on by and take a look for yourself.

Just $10.50

Only $19.50

Now I would like to show you a couple of really neat clothes for boys.  Just because they are boys that doesn't mean they just need t-shirts and jeans.

Just only $9.00

Only $9.00

Now these are just a few pieces of clothes they have available.  There are hundreds of different types of clothes for boy's, girl's, men, women and even baby clothes.  They even have accessories and some really great jackets and coats for those almost cancelled snow days.

Just come and check it out and see for yourself.  Take a peek at SCHOOLA.

** I really hope you enjoyed this post and these products helped you out.  There will be a few more products that will be added as they arrive. **