Sunday, July 10, 2016

Digital Kitchen Timer

I want to start out by saying that I have had several other kitchen timers and one of them just never worked right no matter what I did to it.  The other one was a small one and I mean small.  Now I had a chance to get this kitchen timer to review and thought what the heck!  So, now I am going to tell you about this Kitchen timer.

Let's start with the size.  This timer is not big and bulky or it's not too small, it is the perfect size.  This timer sits perfectly on my shelf I have above the kitchen sink.  It also sits perfect on top of the stove, the counter, table and you get it now.  The numbers are the perfect size for me to see.  I need to wear glasses to read, so like I said the size is easy to see.  

Now with setting the timer to the amount time is a piece of cake.  All you do is slightly turn the top of the timer until the desired cooking time is shown. You are able to have the accurate time of a minimum of 15 seconds to the maximum of 99 minutes.  So this does make the perfect timer for your kitchen. 

Now the last thing I want to leave you with about this kitchen timer is that it is made sturdy, fine workmanship.  This timer is made easy to carry around, it is suitable for any kitchen or outdoors for that cookout, for fitness training time or if you just want to go do another chore, but afraid you wouldn't hear the timer, this one is that easy to carry around in your pocket.

Grab yours right HERE!

Do you have a timer in your kitchen, yet? 

 What do you think about this one?