Thursday, September 29, 2016

*** AutoRight SteamMachine ***

** This is my honest review of the product. It is in my own words and contains affiliate links.**

AutoRight SteamMachine

I was constantly looking for a great carpet cleaner and I never thought I was going to find one or one that will do a good 75% job.  I was just about ready to give up and I came across this one and I read it and of course it sounded really great, but so didn't the other ones.  I figured why not and now I am so happy I did.  

Let me start by saying that it may look small to you, but it is a very compact and lightweight, but don't let that discourage you.  As you know there are only really two places that you spend many hours in, which are your home and your car so you want them to look their best.  Along with that comes dirt, spills, pet hair and smells. Then, add in the ordinary everyday grime buildup! Even dashboards, door handles and leather can collect oils from our bodies and hands allowing the dirt to become embedded. And, should we mention the hard to clean, grimy coin holders? After a while, the interior of our vehicles can look dingy and dirty, even though we give it regular cleanings.  This is perfect for your house if you have dirt, juice stains on your carpet or you are able to shine up and clean your paneling or walls.  You are able just about to use this great compact steam machine for just about anything you need to clean.

How to Use the AutoRight SteamMachine

The AutoRight SteamMachine is easy to use. To start, simply pour distilled water into the canister and replace the cap. Plug it in and press the power button. In about 8 minutes, the heating element inside will quickly boil the water and create the steam.  Place your attachment of choice on the machine, pull the trigger and direct the deep-cleaning steam to the surface. The AutoRight SteamMachine will run continuously over 30 minutes before the canister needs to be refilled.  

How the AutoRight SteamMachine Works:

With the SteamMachine, the heat of the steam loosens the bond between the dirt and upholstery surface. This makes it easy to simply wipe off with a cloth. If you have leather interiors, the heat of the steam opens the pores and the evaporation of the steam lifts the dirt and oils out where they can be easily wiped away. There are no chemicals involved, so no need to worry about discoloration from cleaning solutions!  The AutoRight SteamMachine uses 290° F steam, which is powerful enough to disinfect 99% of all germs and bacteria from surfaces, yet gentle enough not to damage leather and other upholstery. Just a simple, yet deep clean! Oh, and did I mention the steamer is compact and portable? It is on wheels, which allows the steamer to follow you as you clean.
After using the SteamMachine and your interior is spic and span, you can apply fabric protectors or leather conditioners to help keep the surfaces clean and protected.

What’s Included with the AutoRight SteamMachine?

It comes with a variety of attachments and supplies:
  • 8-foot long reach hose
  • 8-foot power cord
  • jet nozzle
  • large rigid nylon brush
  • small rigid nylon brush
  • large brass brush
  • small brass brush
  • small soft nylon brush (gray)
  • large soft nylon brush (gray)
  • microfiber towel
  • squeegee with terry cloth bonnet
  • accessory adaptor
  • crevice tool
  • funnel and a measuring cup to fill the 40-ounce steam canister

Now for the last part of this review I would like to tell you that you must not only take my word for this you have to own one yourself.  This AutoRight SteamMachine is very reasonable for the price and I found after the third use it already paid for it.   This would make for the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift.  I know anyone that receives this as a gift would be very happy to receive it.  You must buy one for yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing this awesome SteamMachine just click right HERE!