Sunday, March 5, 2017

BESTOPE Hair Straightener Brush

(This is my honest review and my own words of this product. I received the product for free and was not compensated nothing at all for this post)

I want to take a minute to introduce you to this great hair straightener brush.  I have very thick, wavy hair and it drives me crazy sometimes.  I have tried pretty much everything out there since I was about 16 years old.  Don't get me wrong cause I love my hair but sometimes I just want a new look.

I had the opportunity to test out this great hair straightener brush and I am so happy I did.  Now I will be telling you about the product (below).

About the Product
  • ADVANCED HEATING TECHNOLOGY: BESTOPE Ceramic Straightener Brush uses MTC heating technology, heats quickly and significantly reduces your straightening time compared to traditional hair straighteners.
  • REDUCES FRIZZINESS & STATIC: Anions protection and MTC heating technology make this hair straightener soften and straighten your hair in several minutes for healthy silky hair without any static, make your hair smoothed considerably and remained shiny.
  • ANTI-SCALD AND DETANGLE: Unique Rubber insulated tips make this brush easily to insert into your hair and protect your scalp from accidental burns, brush seamlessly flowed through your hair without snagging, eliminating all the frizz.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE SETTING: 6-Level adjustable temperature from 350˚F to 450˚F Designed can be varied for different types of hair, this brush doesn't give you stick straight hair like a flat iron, but it gives a softer more natural styled look.

Product Description

BESTOPE latest ceramic hair straightening brush uses advanced MTC heating
technology to make sure this brush heat up as quick as possible, let you no need waiting; 
release of anions in brushing process make it easy to brush your hair without static and
provide a more comfortable experience. 

Deliver an optimum temperature
BESTOPE hair straightener provides six different adjustment temperature for all hair types:
thin, fine, bleached, wavy or curled.

How to use a Hair Straightening Brush properly? 
Spritz on a heat protectant spray while your hair is dry to put a barrier between the brush and your hair. 
Step One: Use only on dry brushed hair; 
Step Two: Brush slowly in a pulling motion; 
Step Three: Make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush

Now that I told you all about the description, the product, how to use the product and etc.  I am now going to tell you about my own opinion of the product.

My Personal Opinion

Like I mentioned about my hair and I like to be able to straighten my hair once in awhile for a different look.  If you know going to a hair salon can be very expensive and I personally don't have all that extra money.  This is very good quality. It is easy to use and you can just plug it in or use the battery. It is a very light weight brush and easy to take along with you on those weekend getaways.  It fits right in my purse and for me it really wasn't hard to learn how to use this brush. My hair comes out so very straight and it looks so  very shiny and more beautiful than before.

Come and grab yourself or a family member on of these awesome Hair Straightener Brush.