Thursday, March 9, 2017


(This is my honest opinion of this product. I was not compensated nothing at all except for the product to review.)

If you are a person that LOVES to wear t-shirts then this is the place for.  You will have your choice of over hundreds of different types and designs to choose from.

So what are you waiting for.....

This is the one I got!!

I personally had a hard time to just choose one.  I LOVE cats and this is just so cute.  It has the perception of a cat zombies.  Come on you have to agree with me....right?

The shirts are the right sizes that you order.  As you may know, you might order a Large and when you get it to wear it is like a medium.  I really hate that especially when I am ordering shirts online for my husband or son cause it's a hassle to return and all that crap.  I can honestly say I ordered a medium for me and that is what I got.  The material of these shirts are cotton and lightweight.  I personally give this shopping website an  A+ and I definitely will be a returning customer.


MerchNerds is your go-to web store for styled graphic apparel. Comprised of a team of passionate industry gurus, we combine our skill sets to constantly bring you fresh designs through an on-demand printing platform. This allows for lightning fast speed to market, with designs focused around today's most popular and trending topics. Our mission is to supply you with a wide selection of designs that reflect your personality and let your voice be heard.

Now I want to share a few other t-shirts that they have on their site.  You can't just stop at these few that I will be showing you.  Come and take a peek at them all.  There is literally one perfect shirt for each one of you out there.

Like I said there are hundreds of different designs for women, men, and even children.

Come on HERE and take a look around!