Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Music is my Soul mate....

Some believe, as I never used to, that soul-mates do exist.  That there is 
one person in all the world that can bring about ultimate fulfillment, boundless 
love, and perfect completeness in your life.  That such things are written 
for us in the very stars, through the fates, or merely in our very biology. 
 That if you never find that one, you will never be completely happy. 
 But when you do find that one, you know it through and through, to the 
tiniest microbe of your being.  I never never believed in this.  I 
always thought music was my soul-mate, for want of a better word.  Music 
had always inspired me, lived within me, flowed through me, beat for beat with 
my very heart.