Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I just want to tell you a little bit about SVERVE.  

This is a great website that connects influencers and businesses together.  This is the reason why SVERVE was created. 

Sverve is a native ads marketplace. We connect businesses with the right social media influencers for native ads [content, social, peer to peer, across device] on social channels, and provide comprehensive solution for reporting and tracking results on campaigns.

Sverve has 12K+ female influencers, who collectively reach 300M+ people via their social media presence and blogs. Our influencer base is growing at 10% MoM. We are building a big data of influencer information that include deep and accurate classification of their areas of influence, social and web statistics, performance information and demographics. We use this information for native ads targeting.

1000+ brands, PR firms and agencies have signed up on Sverve. We are getting 4 new businesses every day. Businesses can directly work with influencers or use our technology to automaticaly activate right influencers. Sverve provides communication, workflow, payments and tracking of results on campaigns.

This is a great opportunity!!  Come and join me here.....

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