Thursday, September 24, 2015

Etekcity Standalone Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm

I was lucky enough to receive this great product for free in exchange for a honest opinion of it.  Now that is exactly what I am going to do here.

First I want to start out by telling you some great features of this product:

  • This Etekcity Photoelectric Fire Alarm is particularly sensitive at detecting SLOWLY SMOLDERING FIRES, but also provides timely detection of fast, flaming fires
  • Runs on a built-in lithium-ion battery, boasting a remarkable lifetime of up to 10 years to provide continuous protection, even during power outages; Includes low battery sound indication
  • 85 dB alarm for emergency prevention; Simple push of the test button to silence false alarms triggered from non-hazardous elements, such as cooking steam
  • Test button included to conveniently and safely check the sensitivity, circuitry, horn, and battery; Flashing LED indicator confirming the device is working properly
  • Easy to install and includes an optional pin to lock the alarm unit in place for tamper resistance; UL listed for safety and quality assurance; 1 year limited warranty

I personally found this Smoke Detector very easy to install on the wall.  I really liked that part, I didn't need no help from my husband.  It really only took me 5 seconds to put it above my door in the kitchen area.  I tested it before I put it up and the sound was very loud.  There would be no way to sleep through that.  In which is very impressive because some of the other ones I had bought weren't this loud and had to put very expensive batteries in them.  This came with the battery.  Lie I said it was all ready to be put up.  Once I got it up, I had to test it with some smoke.  I found that even with a little smoke that I had under it that it went off.  So I am positive if there is ever a fire this alarm will detect it very fast. 

I would really recommend this Smoke Alarm for everyone's house.  You will not go wrong with this product.  The best part is that you can purchase it right HERE!

This is my honest opinion of this product.  I was not compensated in no way except for the product.