Saturday, September 19, 2015

I-Venstar Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review !

I was one of the lucky people that received this awesome Bluetooth Speaker to review for free.  I have examined it, tried it out and tested it all over. Now I will tell you what I thought of it.

This Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof, light weight and the sound is truly amazing.  I actually was shocked on how clear and loud the sound is from this speaker.  The color is perfect for me because I love black.  I found this Speaker is easy to connect with both my phone and iPad.  The other great thing I found out about this Speaker is that it is also dust proof and scratch proof.  I accidentally hit it on the corner of my counter and I was so afraid that I ruined it.  Once again I was surprised no little scratch and still works awesome.   Now I am not saying to go and drop it hundreds of times or emerge it was under the water.  I didn't try all that on this Speaker because I love it and I want to have this for a long time.  

I have already taken this Bluetooth Speaker to the beach with my husband and I.  It worked and sounded really great on the beach.  So if you love to lay out in the sun on the beach now you can a little music.  This Speaker is built to withstand a little water that might get on it.  That being said light some candles, draw a nice bubble bath and get your Speaker set up and just go soak and listen to your soft songs.  This is the perfect Speaker for that.

This speaker has a rubber/silicone casing around it that helps protect it and make it more durable if you accidentally drop it.  I am super impressed at the care and attention they put in to making this durable Bluetooth Speaker and it is a heavy duty speaker.

So you ask where can you get one of these awesome Bluetooth Speakers?  Well all you need to do is just click HERE !

This is my honest review in my own words and opinion of the product.  I was not compensated in any other way besides the product for free.