Sunday, October 18, 2015


If you are anything like me then you LOVE Halloween.  I have always loved it since I was a kid.  The older I get I just love it even more.  When my children were little I loved to play Halloween pranks on them, but some of them loved it more than others.  I just loved scaring them.  I know you might be saying it was mean, but it was all in good fun.

So I decided to make this Halloween post to let you all know what the true meaning of Halloween is.  Yes it is being scared and have the hairs on your arms stand up.  I also will share some great deals and reviews.  I hope you will enjoy!

Introducing C4 Belt For Halloween:

This great Glow in the dark belt is from C4 Belts.  Why shouldn't you wear this when you are out Trick or Treating on the dark streets.  Maybe you just are going out for the evening on Halloween and this would be great.  Who doesn't like anything that glows in the dark.  This belt would also make your costume look 10 times better.  Just roll it out and measure how long you would like it and cut to fit.  That is what makes these belts even more special.  So what are you waiting for.  Come and grab one HERE!

As we know the best part f Halloween is the candy.  Right?  I personally love Brach's Candy Corn.  I have been eating these since I was a child.  I passed down the tradition my children.  I always had a big bowl of these in the middle of my coffee table.

Now these Brach's Candy Pumpkins is a big hit this October with my family and I.  They are a little bigger than the candy corn but the flavor is great.  These do take a little longer to eat.  So maybe that is a good thing.  But I can say now I have two bowls of candy on my coffee table.

Urban Legend: Chanting "Bloody Mary!" thirteen times in front of a candlelit mirror in an otherwise dark room will summon her vengeful spirit.
The Story: Go into a room with a mirror and turn all the lights off. Bathrooms seem to be perfect for this since they almost always have a mirror and are usually dark at night with the lights off and the door closed. Light a candle, look into the mirror, start chanting "Bloody Mary" . You have to do this  13 times, of course. You should see Bloody Mary behind your left shoulder after the thirteenth time.
Beware, she has been reported to 1.) Kill the person calling her, 2.) Scratch their eyes out, 3.) Drive the person mad or 4.) pull the person into the mirror with her. This is an old legend, it has been around for ages. A folklorist,  Janet Langlois, published an essay on the legend back in 1978. At that time, the legend was wide spread across the USA and a popular slumber party ritual done by girls as well as boys.  No one knows the true origins of the Bloody Mary tale, she's been known to be anything from a witch that was killed for practicing witchcraft to a modern day woman killed in a car crash, depending on what part of the country you live in. It was made popular again in the film Urban Legends in 1999.
 Make sure you stop by and grab a copy of Bloody Mary,,,,,,right HERE!


Welcome to  This online costume company has a amazing line of Halloween costumes.  I was lucky enough to get this Cat Girl Costume.  It is a really amazing costume.  it is made very durable and light weight.  I personally LOVE it!

Savvy shoppers are encouraged to sign-up for emails from BuyCostumes at to gain early access to sale items, exclusive offers and secret surprises surrounding the sale, as well as be the first to know about new costumes.

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Now what kind of Halloween would it be with no horror movies.  I just LOVE horror movies and I always have.  I am big HORROR buff.  So if you never seen any horror movies then come and check this out.  Start with this link and enjoy!

Texas Halloween Investigation

There was a murder in Texas at Halloween, and the FBI were called in to investigate. Hitchcock, one of the officers, saw something written in blood on the wall. It looked like the number '7734', but he was not sure; anyway, he took lots of pictures.
When Hitchcock got back to the lab he developed the film of the crime scene, but he still could not make any progress with the number. In the hope of inspiration, he took the sheaf of photographs home and spread them on the dining room table. Just at that moment his 7 year old daughter Emma came in through the patio door opposite, and looked down at the photographs.
'Why have you photographed hell?', she asked, then Hitchcock saw that when held upside down, 7734 spelt: 'hELL'.


(Created by Debbie Champagne. The reviews are my own opinion of the products.  I was not compensated in no other way besides the product.)