Thursday, October 8, 2015

Haunted Asylums Book Review

I have to say that I am really happy that I ad the chance to read this book.  My husband and I are into horror and we love to read true stories.  My husband is a lot more into these type of stories because he used to visit a few places that were mention in Massachusetts that were suppose to be haunted.  Now for me I am deathly afraid to do that and especially at night. I do love reading and hearing about it all from my husband.

Another creepy collection of ghost stories. Author Seth Balfour has published several books of extensively researched stories regarding ghosts and the paranormal. This latest collection is a series of strange encounters with things we can't see but can be scared of, from around the world. Some are tales of familiar creatures and others are new. I enjoyed reading these stories and many I had not heard before. The thing I like about these little blurbs is I can be waiting for something else to do and fit in a quick, interesting read. I have read several of Mr. Balfour's books and this one maintains the standard of a shorter, fun, creepy read. Worth your time.

Now let's meet the author:

Seth Balfour grew up in Los Angeles with a keen eye for crime and murder mysteries. Ever since being a kid Seth has studied and dissected many, many crime stories and murder mysteries.

The purpose of Seth's books is to reveal the true stories of serial killers, true crime, cannibals, murder mysteries and unsolved murders. The more he reads the more he wants to share with the world his views on crime!

Seth invites you to use his books as a resource and entertainment so that you too can learn of many of the worlds most notorious and well known killers and crimes. He openly shares everything that he has learned and found intriguing over the years and hope you find his books interesting and enjoyable.

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