Thursday, October 8, 2015

True Crime: Box Set Review

I have to say that each of these books in this box set is totally awesome.  I love True Crime stories and if you do then this is the set you have to get and read.

Hard to believe that three cases can be covered from start to finish in such few pages. These are not merely reports of crimes but reports of mysteries. The books are well written and hold the readers interest. There is not a wasted word in any of the books. They are pages turners. I knew after reading the first one that I liked the writer's of writing.  It is hard to digest that each story is actually REAL.  

This would be the greatest gift you could give a True Crime reader.  They will tank you in the end. 

Meet the author:

Hey I'm Jason Keeler and I am so glad you have found my books!

I've always loved the crime, conspiracy theories and ghosts topics of the world. It is my passion to study the fascinating stories of these happenings and how they transpired, I love to delve into mysteries and dissect what really happened.

Crime is what I really find most intriguing. There are so many unsolved mysteries and thrilling crime stories out there that I think need more investigating and it is my mission to report about them and explain my views in detail. 

I am always working on a new book so feel free to browse my bookshelf as I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

So what are you waiting for!

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