Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bright Time Buddies

What are Bright Time Buddies you may be asking?  These Bright Time Buddies are animal shaped night lights.  These are also portable and light-weight.  Your child is able to take these everywhere with them.  These Buddies give out enough light for your child to be able to see during the night if they need to.  I have to say that these Bright Time Buddies give children the comfort that they might need.  

I personally picked out the Bright Time Buddy Dog and it is really the cutest thing I ever did see. My little one loves to play with his Dog and actually goes to sleep with the Bright Time Buddy on his pillow.  It really is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

The toys are squeezable and soft and provide just enough light so your child can take them with them when they walk around the hallways at night when there are no lights on.  These are truly the best kind of night light for your child.  They can take them anywhere and hug and squeeze until they fall asleep.

Here are the great features of the Bright Time Buddies:

  • It’s a night light that is portable and in the form of an animal.
  • Completely soft. Won’t break and doesn’t feel hot under the child’s hand. 
  • Bright Time Buddies make bed time fun by offering your child a companion that watches over them when they sleep. 
  • Bright Time Buddies also makes bed time fun because it allows your child to cuddle up to them as they fall asleep. 
  • Bright Time Buddies comes in the form of various cute animals, and the color it glows in can be chosen as well. 
  • Bright Time Buddies is good for the child who wants their own night light and doesn’t want it bright. 

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