Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Do you love this Snuggie?  Don't be shy!  Come and scream out your answer!  Yes, I love Snuggie!

I have to tell you this is the perfect gift that anyone could ever buy me for Christmas.  I am always cold and this Snuggie is the greatest.  This Suggie keeps me so nice and warm. also it is so soft on my skin.

During those winter months when it is chilly out.  I know I live in Florida so we don't get no snow, but the cold here is different than the now cold.  This cold it seems like you can't get it out of your bones.  So, needless to say my husband used to just hake his head at me.  I either would make a hot coffee or Hot cocoa, put on my fuzzy slipper socks and wrap up in a blanket.  Yes that was a every night deal and even sometimes during the day. That is why my husband would shake his head.  Now my husband is not the best one to go shopping for presents, especially for me.  I have to say he got the perfect gift and I even got it early.

Now I have to say this is the best.  It is literally a blanket with sleeves.  All you do is slide it on your body, arms through the holes and the rest is just like a big blanket.  It really is amazing.  You know how when you are wrapped in a blanket you need to keep unwrapping to take a drink, change channels and etc.  Well with a Snuggie you have no problem doing those things and you never unwrap.  I love mine and will be getting my family some for this Christmas. come on and join me in making our families happy with Suggies.

Now the last thing I would love to share with you about these awesome Snuggies are the features:   
  • Made with Super Soft Fleece
  • Features Oversized Pockets
  • One Size Fits All Adults (71 in x 54 in)
  • Machine Washable

Now I have to ask you , What are you waiting for?  Come and grab yourself and the one you love some Snuggies right HERE!

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