Monday, November 2, 2015

NOAH ........

This movie was released on March 28, 2014. 
In making this movie, they took 97 biblical verses and turned it into a 138 minute movie.  However, the director and co-writer has taken those verses and sought to answer the questions and fill in the blankets that are left open after reading Genesis 6-9.
However, filmmaking aside and as much as Aronofsky seeks out to fill in the blanks left after reading the story of Noah in the Bible, by the end we are still left with questionable decisions. One such decisions is a sudden cut to a drunken Noah. Yes, it’s taken from the Bible, but for as confusing as its place in the Biblical story may be it’s almost too obvious the way it’s presented here, especially in what it leaves out of the story. Perhaps this is a situation where the studio would not let Aronofsky go “all the way” as Genesis 9 offers up some meaty material to chew, but it’s pretty much left untouched
Noah is a reading between the noah lines while it is also a changing of the story. In the Bible, Noah’s three sons are joined on the ark by their wives, while only Ila accompanies Shem in Aronofsky’s story. This difference is felt throughout the entirety of the story, culminating in the film’s third act, as Aronofsky uses it to hammer home one of the more pivotal lines in Noah’s story from the Bible, that being when God recognizes “for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth“.
I can honestly say I would give this movie a 8.  I think it is a movie everyone should check out.