Monday, November 2, 2015


The Xbox One is a fantastic console.
The Xbox One is under a year old and it is selling strongly.
This is not just a game machine, it is designed to be the center of your digital entertainment. It offers a slick, unified interface of your choice of Sky, Virgin, Free view, Bt and Freesat t.v. services. Also included is music and movie streaming options, Skype chats and much more.
The Xbox One was released November 22, 2013. It was released with the launching of the new version of Kinect.
When you finally open the package you will notice what an absolute beast it is. It measures 274x79x333 mm, making it longer and taller than the Ps4 or the Xbox 360.
You just can’t talk to the Xbox One without bringing up the new Kinect. The system can operate without being hooked into the Microsoft Magic eye, but you would be losing a lot of the unique features.
I would recommend this product 100%. It is great for anyone who is into video games. You must buy this product it is worth it all.