Monday, November 16, 2015

*** Party Paint ***

Introducing Party Paint!

As a mother of six children and grandmother of four this is a must to have.  Let me tell you my daughters loved to play dress-up just like all little girls and sometimes their brothers would join in as Indians or a warrior.  It had to be something really great for them to play.  I know every child love to do up their faces, either for fun time at home, trick or treating, maybe a birthday party and so on. There are a million different places and ways you could use this awesome Party Paint.

About PartyPaint:

This was created by a Mom, for Moms, PartyPaint brings the same quality of paints Adriana uses as a professional face painter   to parents wanting a great kit to use on their own kids.  These paints are really the best for your children's face.

Party Paint Essentials Kit$18.99

The greatest features of this Party Paint Essentials Kit:

  • PartyPaint kit turns every parent into a pro face painter with FREE, easy-to-follow design videos
  • FDA approved, Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic – Safe for children’s sensitive skin and Easy to Remove
  • 9 Vibrant Exceptional Quality Colors (see list below), 2 Brushes, 3 Sponges and Cosmetic Glitter
  • FREE E-Book and Exclusive Video Library with Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Parents call it “The Best Face Painting Kit We’ve Tried”
Now you have to say this Sugar Skull is pretty awesome.  You are able to create this with the step-by-step instructions that you get.  There are so many different directions that you are able to follow and create on your children's faces.

Now I would like to share with you a great deal from this company.  Now this deal is for all of my readers and everyone out there that would love to get some Party Paints.  If you use this code you will receive 10% off discount. So really what are you waiting for? Come and use this code and tell your friends.