Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Divining Rod Wines

First of all I would like to introduce you to the winery that makes this pretty awesome wine.  As a wine lover I like to know where and how my wine is created.  I am sure you do to if you are a wine lover.   So I think this is a great place to start off at.

Divining Rod by Marc Mondavi Winery:

Marc Mondavi grew up in the Napa Valley learning about vineyards and winemaking. Being born into America’s foremost family associated with exceptional quality wines led some to assume they knew the path Marc would take in life. But no one predicted that he’d possess an unexpected, mysterious talent - the ability to locate underground water using divining rods. We invite you to learn more about Marc’s amazing gift and discover how it helps Marc create wines that aren’t just natural, they’re supernatural!
Now I want to tell you about the wine.  When I was younger I never got it why people loved wine so much or why it had to have the perfect taste.  As I grew older I realized why.  Some wines have different tastes and some are better than others.  Well I do not drink wine everyday or every weekend, but when I do I love it to be great tasting and that is what you get right here from The Divining Rod.

Winemaker's Notes:

The 2012 Divine Red with its deep, rich, red color opens with aromas of blackberry, cedar and cinnamon. The blackberry and black pepper flavors are complemented by hints of plum and cassis, giving the wine depth and complexity. New French oak adds a pleasant mouth feel, texture and weight giving the right amount of influence to envelop the wine in a fitting tannic structure and a long finish that preserves the integrity and brightness of the Lodi fruit.

About The Divining Rod Wines

“From water, comes wine” – never has this been more true than with The Divining Rod wines. By giving life to countless vineyards across California, Marc Mondavi quite literally “turns water into wine.” He possesses the grape growing and wine-making skills and knowledge that come from growing up in the Napa Valley, as a key member of America’s foremost wine family. But Marc’s “sixth sense” for water divining (also called water witching or dowsing) and connection with the land, put him on another level of wine-making. That’s why we say that his Divining Rod wines are more than natural, they’re supernatural.

Established in the 1940’s by Italian immigrants Cesare and Rosa Mondavi, C. Mondavi & Family remains a family-owned business which has thrived for generations to produce fine wines for a variety of occasions and consumers. Built on a foundation of family values, hard work and European winemaking traditions, the winery offers a portfolio of wines for special occasions and everyday gatherings of family and friends. Day-to-day operations are handled by co-proprietors Marc Mondavi and Peter Mondavi Jr., both sons of legendary Napa Valley wine icon Peter Mondavi Sr., who serves as the company’s president and CEO. The family is now proudly welcoming members of the fourth generation to the business, continuing a legacy started 70 years ago.


Marc Mondavi started The Divining Rod label in 2012 in honor of his ability to locate underground water sources and establish vineyards. The first new brand from C. Mondavi & Family in over 60 years, The Divining Rod has secured its place in a long line of fine wines created by this iconic family.

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