Friday, November 13, 2015

Products by..........Smartspeed

Flamingo Inflatable Coaster

I would like to introduce you to one of the funnest Inflatable Coasters for any pool party that you have.  I live in Florida so I can use these year round.  These are a real conversation topic also.  They are very easy to inflate.  These float and they do not tip over very easily.  That is what I really love about these.  They hold a 12 ounce can perfect without any problems.  

I would love to tell you about some of the features of these Inflatable Coasters:

  • Cute design like flamingos for pool party
  • Hold sodas and other small items on the water
  • 100% PVC and high quality
  • Easy to inflate and keep afloat
  • Package includes 6 pieces

I would highly suggest that you grab yourself some of these Flamingo Inflatable Coaster now.  If you can use them year round like me then that is the bonus for you.  If you live in a colder state then let's be ready for that first pool party of the year.  These are super affordable and a must.  If you want to grab yourself some now just click HERE and you are on your way.

12 in 1 Cycling Bandana Headband Headwrap

The only thing I would like to say about this product is that this is perfect for dirt and dust.  I have five boys and one girl, so my family had alot of BMX racing, four-wheelering and of course just dirt and dust flying all over them.  

As you might know inhaling a lot of dirt and dust is not good for a child's lungs, well honestly not that good for a adult either.  If your children like mine were saying they don't need nothing but as soon as I showed them this awesome Bandana Headband Headwrap, it changed their minds quickly.  I can only speak for my children though and they love it.  I have no problems with them now and they are even a little older now.  I know why they love it and wear it every day now when they bike or four wheel.  They love how it ha the skull features of the mouth.  To tell you the truth it is kind of cool.

Looks Pretty Awesome, Right?

Now here are some of the best features of this Bandana:  

  • 12 in 1 headwear, as a Bandana, Neck Gaiter, Balaclava, Helmet Liner, and so on.
  • Magic headband, seamless, light, dry quickly, breathe freely
  • Cool design- skull heads, looks very awesome.
  • Easy to use, cheap but high quality
  • A great gift to your friends, anyone need it



Well what are you waiting for come and order HERE!  This just makes the perfect gift for any occasion.  Your child will love wearing this I just know they will.  They are super affordable and will keep that dust out of their lungs.  You will Thank me for it later.