Saturday, November 14, 2015

ozeri bath duck thermometer.

As you know if you have babies and young children the bath water needs to be just perfect.  You don't want it to hot for their new skin.  Our skin are thicker and can stand more then their baby skin.  I have read so many times that babies got burned from the bath water so this is why this product is a must.

This is a great gift for new parents for Christmas, a baby shower or just a gift.  The new parents that receive this from you will love it and I know they will use it every time.  This is the perfect size and it can stay floating in the tub while you are washing your baby.  They will love having the ducky float with them too.

I have had six children so let me tell you that this does come in handy.  I was a new mother of twins right off the start, so I was nervous about everything.  Let me tell you do learn fast.  This product is a must to have if you are new parents or already been there.  You can never be to careful with water and your baby.

Introducing the Ducky meter, a Baby Bath thermometer built into a fun and safe Duck Bath Toy. The Ducky meter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Ducky meter dynamically calculates the bath water temperature every second, and displays the temperature with 3 different color screens, with Blue indicating Cold, Red indicating Hot, and Green indicating Just Right. Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Ducky meter is safe and fun both in and out of the bath. Ships with 3 AAA batteries included.