Saturday, November 14, 2015


If you are anything like me then you will love this.  I am he type of person that love to try out new things in the house or even on me.  I had heard about this for a bit now and I looked up on and it this one seemed to be the best one out there.  So I wanted to give it a try.

I received it and my husband was at work still and had to work double that night.  So I opened it up and was afraid to try to put it up in my shower.  I read the instructions and thought what the heck. Well I got it installed and only took me about 10 minutes.  So that was perfect, so it is easy to install. Then I wanted to try it out so bad. That is exactly what I did.

I turned the shower on and omg it was awesome looking.  It really was like showering in a rainbow. It is so beautiful and the colors just keep changing colors.  I do want to list a few of the best features of this Shower Wow:

  • No batteries required
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Universal fit

Now you have to admit that this is pretty awesome to shower under!?!

Grab one right HERE!