Monday, November 2, 2015

THE SOUL WHISPERER – A Tale of Hidden Truths & Unspoken Possibilities

I would like to introduce this great book,  THE SOUL WHISPERER – A Tale of Hidden Truths & Unspoken Possibilities written by:  J. M. Harrison.

Let me start off by saying I was lucky enough to see this book because it is not released yet.  The release date is expected to be February 26, 2016.

 Following personal tragedies and spiraling financial problems, Londoners Alex and Sara are desperate to find ways to rediscover their zest for life. A free holiday provides the perfect opportunity for a second chance, but not long after arriving in France they discover that all is not what it seems... A series of shocking revelations challenge their understanding of humanity, as they are propelled into a dangerous world governed by a ruthless occult society. Magical relics and extra-terrestrial objects promise to unlock incredible secrets, but what extremes will people go to in order to attain them? In a modern-day spiritual quest, Alex and Sara will be forced to take control of their destiny, facing their own demons along the way as time counts down, for them and the entire human race…

Now I would like to share my opinion on this book.

I personally think this book has the potential of being a huge hit.  This book contains hidden truths that will really surprise you, suggesting there are secret societies guilty of manipulating humanity for profit, promoting religious  differences, war and chaos.  I was drawn into this book and I know you would love it to.  You have to read it.

About the Author

Jonathan Harrison is an Award Winning Author and Amazon #1 Best Seller who writes to support the blossoming of human consciousness. The author lived in France for 15 years with his family - before returning to England to take up his post as the Director of one of the largest retreat and spiritual education centers in the UK. He has several books being released in 2016, and is now writing full-time to support the evolution of human consciousness.

Well I am going to give you the chance to reserve your copy today.  All you ave to do is click right HERE!