Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Three Greatest Christmas books for Children

Now I would like to introduce you to the three greatest Christmas books for your child.  Thee are very easy to read books and they are hard covered books.  In which I do like for my young ones.  They are stronger and more durable to last with our little ones.

Santa's Christmas Train:

This is a awesome book to read to your child curled up in bed.  Here is every child’s dream come true—a wondrous trip to visit Santa’s North Pole.  My little ones loves this book and I know yours would too.  This is the book for your child and he/she will really love it being read.  It is a great story and the illustration in them are fabulous.  Come and grab your child a book from HERE.

The First Christmas:

This book goes into the depth of how the First Christmas began.  This book is not like a long, drawn out book.   It is a good length to keep your child interested and drawn into the book.  I really loved the way they worded this book.  My little ones love me reading this one each and every night before bed. Come and purchase this book from HERE.

B Is For Bethlehem: 

This book is well-written.  It really teaches your children about Bethlehem.  I like that part because Bethlehem is a very important part of Christmas and Jesus.  I love to have my children read books that will help them to understand and get knowledge of everything.  This is just the right length to keep your children hooked to the end. Come and grab one to read to your child right from HERE.