Thursday, December 10, 2015

DAS Leben Compression Leg Wearing Sleeves

I would like to introduce you to the best pair of Compression Leg Sleeves.  These are great for so many different reasons.  The material is very light-weight and are breathable for any activity you might be doing. The y are slip proof, so you know that is a big deal.

I had gotten them for my husband because they are good for him because he plays basketball and other activities.  He loves them and his legs do not get all sweaty and his legs are not as sore as they were before.

Here is some more information about these Compression Leg Sleeves:

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made from premium quality, breathable & durable compression fabric Nylon 90%, spandex 10%.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Suitable for most men, women and adults.
  • VARIOUS SPORTS FITTED - Runners, basketball players, all other Athletes, such as who play tennis, golf, soccer, working out, or any other, feel comfortable by wearing DAS Leben Compression Leg Sleeves.
  • WELL DESIGNED - Anti-slip strap ensures the leg compression sleeves rightly fitted and do not slip down from your legs while running or playing.
  • WORKS WELL - Calf and shin support, injury prevention, shin splint relief, blood circulation improvement and muscle fatigue recovery. The calf sleeves help a lot for people in retailing, nursing, travel, hospitality & jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot in every day use.

Product Description

You work hard and train hard. You need the best for yourself. 
And you expect the same excellence from the products you use. In DAS Leben, we share the same idea. 
Our calf sleeves are made from high quality and compression fabrics that are durable & comfortable. Wide anti-slip straps and true graduated compression are offered to you. 

About Compression 
Graduated compression garments deliver the greatest amount of compression to the part of the garment farthest away from the heart, and the least amount compression in the part closest to the heart with graduated compression, the veins' cross sectional area is decreased and pressure gradient is created, following physiological benefits can be got from our DAS Leben calf sleeves including: 

- Increasing muscle support, boost blood circulation through compression performance, warm-up via increasing skin temperature 

- Helping to fight muscle fatigue especially for those who have to stand for a long time or those do exercises frequently, such as nurses, teachers, runners, daily use will help a lot. 

- Protecting you from minor scratches, knocks during workout and doing outdoor activities. 
- Recovering soon with strenuous exercise followed and improving performance through improved circulation. 

Now here is the important part:
If you never worn anything like these yet then make sure you follow these directions.  Calf sleeves can be worn during activity, whilst at work or in recovery mode (after training or after a day's work). If you are new to wear compression calf sleeves, wear them for 90 minutes on day one. Then assuming you are wearing this leg wearing sleeves on daily basis, increasing duration by 15 minutes every 3 days, building up to your desired duration. Enabling your legs to get used to the compression.

Come and grab yours now right HERE!