Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The New York Times...'Tis The Season Crosswords!

If there is a crossword lover in your home the this would be the perfect gift to give.  There might also be a little elderly lady or man in your neighbor that might love this as a gift too.  This would make any crossword lover jump for joy.

Inside of this great Crossword book is 165 easy to hard puzzles.  This would keep anyone occupied for hours.  They will have so many puzzle t get through before they reach the end of this book.  The cover of the book is shiny and glittery, which makes it the best possible cover for this book. It does really go along with the season.

I personally am not really that good at crossword puzzles.  I can only figure out like five answers, but my husband love them and he is pretty good at it.  So for together time we sit together and do one.  Of course he will help me with my answers, but that is fine because we are together and happy.

The hints are on one side of the book and the puzzle is on the other page.  So when you open your book you will have hints on left side and the puzzle on the right side.  Then if you really can't figure out the answer all the answers are posted in the back of the book.

Come and grab that crossword fan the perfect gift right Here!