Monday, December 21, 2015

The Cubic Chaise Lounger

This is the Cubic Chaise Lounger from Hammacher.  I had looked through their website over and over again because I had loved so many of their products.  I then narrowed down my search and looked for something to put on my new patio my husband and I made.  Then I came across this Lounger and I knew it would look great on my patio.  As you can see pictured above.  It makes my patio really stand out, but it is just not finished all the way yet.

This Cubic Chaise Lounger is a all-weather lounger that will fold right into a cube for easy storage.  Once it is folded you can use it a patio end table or in the sun room when the weather is cold.  I lie in Florida, one of the lucky people because we never get any now or really cold weather.  This way I am able to use this lounger year round.  This lounger is made from soft brilla fabric filled with 100% polyester, its comfortable one-piece, 2"-thick cushion folds and stores inside the box. Tie-downs at the front corners and backrest secure the cushion to the frame without shifting or bunching when deployed as a lounger. The all-weather resin wicker exterior resists mold, unlike conventional wicker that degrades and becomes brittle.

Don't you think that looks nice?  Now that is the Cubic Chaise Lounger folded up to become the end table.  As you can see there is a door for a little storage if need to be.  When this Lounger is stretched out the storage is the complete underneath of it.  I have quite a bit stored under mine right now.  Why not?  That way everything I have packed in boxes fits right under there and no one will ever know.

Now as you see the mustard 2" thick cushion on the lounger.  I have to tell you that it does not feel like it is 2", that it actually feels thicker.  I personally have to say this cushion is very soft and very comfortable.  I was shocked on how it felt.  I actually took a nap on it the other day.  I was laying there reading on the patio while the dogs played and there I went to sleep.  I use this all the time.  I lay on it while I am writing or reading.  The cushion does not slide down or bunch up because on top of the cushion it has a lap to go over the top of wicker.  It stays on and in place very well. 

If you would lie to get one of these awesome Cubic Chaise Loungers then come and visit right Here. There are two different colors you can chose from.  This is the best and you need to see that for yourself.  

So, What are you waiting for?