Friday, December 4, 2015


These are the perfect biking gloves for yourself, your husband or children.  These will protect your hands from the dirt, wind burn or rocks flying.  We all go either bike riding or 4-wheeling in the rain or even the snow.  Your hands will end up drying out and cracking, so these are the number 1 accessories for what ever riding you might be doing.

These gloves are made very durable and you are able to pick out the perfect size for your hands.  They are a breathable glove but keeps your hands covered from anything and everything.  This material also keeps your hands very warm if you are out in the winter riding.

Now here is the best part about these gloves. The gloves are made of microfiber leather, hard-wearing and great fit.The most special point is Touch recognition and Tailor in three dimensional.It easy to use in touch your smart-phone and all kinds of touchable control electronic products.

Why cyclists need to wear gloves? Because the thick pad on the gloves also can absorb the shock and reduce numbness in the hand. 
In addition, the gloves can be used to wipe the sweat and even protect riders from falling and sun tan(for female). All in all, buying a 
good pair of gloves not only can improve riding comfort, but also can increase the overall sense of clothing.

This is the perfect gift to everyone out there that rides.  You can grab a pair right HERE!