Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dead Zero Putting Disk

I would like to introduce you this great product that will help you with your game on the green.  This is the perfect gift for that Pro Golf Player.  The men in your life will love this as a gift.  This Dead Zero Putting Disk will help the golfer the ability to accurately take that shot on the green slope.  The bubble level will measure up accurately up to six degree of slope.  This will also give a true reading of the fall line on any area of the putting surface.  I told you that every Golfer out there would really love this product.

This is why it works:
A golf hole is not as large as it appears. How many times have you hit putts that looked like they were going to catch the left or right side of the cup only to see the putt lip out? The reality is that the area of any golf hole where you are guaranteed to have the putt fall in versus lip out is much smaller than the full diameter of the hole. The Dead Zero Putting Disks are founded in scientific research and have been designed to be the optimal size for small target putting practice.
The disk size (diameter) is based on research combining ideal putt speeds (those that would travel 17” past the hole) with the measurement of an above-ground target. Referencing the graphic below, any putt that rolls within the target width (one that would strike the disk) would fall into the hole. Any putt that rolls to the left or right of a certain width, or misses the disk, results in a putt that misses the hole or lips out.

Importance Of Putting:
Putting is the easiest aspect of golf to improve and lower your scores. Eliminating 3-putts alone can save the average to higher handicap golfer three to four strokes per round.  Making more putts of 8-10 feet or less results in more birdies, more saved pars and fewer double-bogeys. Statistically, more PGA Pros rank in the Top 10 and Top 50 on the money list who also rank in the Top 10 in Putting from four to eight feet versus those who ranked in the Top 10 in Driving Distance, Greens in Regulation or Driving Accuracy. Practicing with the Dead Zero Putting Disk can help you gain confidence to become a better putter and save you strokes on the course.

I want to leave you with this one last reason that you should get the man who plays golf.  The reason is that this really does work and it will give your man a great shot for that hole in one.  It will make him feel like a million dollars and love you for it.  This is just a great product.