Tuesday, January 5, 2016

*** Debbie Meyer Products ***

I am going to take a minute to tell you about the best two products that I have ever owned. Now introducing the  Debbie Meyer's Products.  So just keep reading and you will be able to see and read about these two awesome products.

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes

About the product:

Fruits, Vegetables & Baked Goods Stay Fresh Longer!
This incredibly innovative storage system is shown in independent laboratory tests to help extend the life of all types of fresh produce, baked goods
and snacks.

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ offer the convenience of hard sided storage in a thin gauge version. Perfect for school and office lunches, picnics, tailgating, camping, boating and more! Convenient sizes fit easily into lunch bags and coolers. They also stack and store neatly, making Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™ ideal to keep the kitchen, fridge and pantry organized and looking great!

Debbie Meyer UltraLite GreenBoxes™:
• Independent laboratory tested and shown to extend the life of fresh produce, baked goods and snacks
• Store wherever you would normally store the food - in the refrigerator or on the countertop
• Made with a proprietary combination of all-natural minerals
• BPA Free
• Each box is re-usable indefinitely
• Microwave Safe
• Dishwasher Safe (top rack)
• Stackable
• Proudly Made in the USA

My Review:

I do have to say that this is the first time ever using this product or anything like this.  I have used different containers and storage bags and of course my fruits and vegetables never stayed fresh.  I was throwing away alot of good food for just not having this product.  Well now I do have these GreenBoxes and I am loving them.  I have received different sizes, so that is pretty awesome.  I keep my grapes, strawberries, lettuce and cucs and they are lasting longer and fresh.  I do highly recommend these containers you will not be disappointed in them at all.  The lid seals really tight on them so no air can get in at all. 

Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®

About The Product:

Fruits, vegetables and flowers release ethylene gases during the natural ripening process after harvest. Exposure of the produce to these gases accelerates aging and deterioration. Independent laboratory testing shows that Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® help extend the life and freshness of fruits, vegetables and fresh cut flowers by creating a  beneficial storage environment, giving you more time to enjoy your produce, and That Saves You Money! Simply store your fruits, vegetables and cut flowers where you normally would (either the countertop or refrigerator) and watch how the Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® actively work to keep their contents fresh, extending their usable life. BPA free.
Debbie Meyer® GreenBags®:

• Independent laboratory tested and shown to extend the life of fruits and vegetables
• Follow easy Instructions – included, or download below
• Store wherever you would normally store the food - in the refrigerator or on the counter-top
• Made of a natural mineral and food grade polyethylene
• BPA Free
• Each bag is reusable 8 to 10 times
• Bags are gusseted for maximum capacity
• Easy Care - Rinse with clear water (no soap), allow to dry
• Medium Bags are ½ gallon and measure 15” x 6” x 4”
• Large Bags are 1 gallon and measure 17” x 7” x 5”
• X-Large Bags are 1½ gallons and measure 21’’ x 9’’ x 6.5’’
• Proudly Made in the USA

My Review:

I found these GreenBags are truly the best for food in your frig.  I have found that these bags keep your veggie's crisper that the storage bins in your refrigerator.  These GreenBags save me a lot of money and they will for you to.  With me having these green bags, I don't feel the need or the worry to hurry up and make something before it spoils.  I do need to buy more of these bags.

I want to leave you with this thought.  If you seen something you liked through this post, then these are for you.  Just stop by HERE and see what other products they have.