Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#93 The Tuesday 10 4/5/16

  Classes you’d love to take

Well, I am starting to join in again with the Tuesday 10 post.  I had taken a short break from doing these posts.  I had just taken on to many things at once and I was sick for a bit.  But here I am back and going strong.  I will be also doing a few other ones I missed, of course, I won't do them all, but come and check every Tuesday for the next post.

Now for the 10 classes I would love to take are:

1.  Kick Boxing
2.  Computer Programmer
3.  Croquet
4.  Painting
5.  Wood Working
6.  Gardening

I know it says 10, but you really don't need to put 10.  Those are the ones I would definitely love to take.  I actually just signed up for an online basic computer programmer.  I will be starting April 11, 2016

As far as gardening goes I had recently started gardening when I moved to Florida 5 years ago.  There are some things I would love to know how to grow, though.  I love to learn how to make some awesome herb gardens on my patio.  See I can always learn something new.  Now this is one design of a herb garden I would love to have on my patio.

Would love this one too!

So what would be some of the classes you would love to take?  Come and share them I would love to see what you are into.