Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

**This is my own reviews, articles, posts and designs. I have worked very hard to put this together. I only had received a few companies for products. The crafts I will share is from my family. All this information is copyrighted.**

 Mother's Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May. It celebrates motherhood and it is a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Many people give gifts, cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a restaurant or other treats to their mother and mother figures, including grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers.

So now let's continue on.........

Mom's Day is a party when we display their regard that they have for their mom. It's time to indulge her for all she has done for us over the years. On Mom's Day, you can tell your Mom that she will always be essential to you all and that you continue to love her permanently. While many nations of the world enjoy their own Mom's Day at different times throughout every season, there are some nations such as Denmark, Finland, France, Poultry, Sydney, and The country which also enjoy Mom's Day on the second Weekend of May. As always, the Moms Day 2016 will be recognized on May 8th in the U. S. These few terms sum up the significance and significance of the phrase Mother. Mother is without a doubt the most wonderful and delightful term in any terminology. This goes to demonstrate the significance of mom in our way of life. 

Mother is short for an incredible number of things she gives to her children; it also is short for forfeit discomfort, sadness, and sorrows which she has to go through to keep her kids satisfied and protected. So No joy can coordinate the joy of a mom looking at her kid, those wanting eyes deeper than a whole sea. The most essential lady in ones the globe's her/his mom. Her existence impacts us our whole lifestyle and she can't be changed by anyone. So Provide an Unforgettable Present to your mom and make her satisfied, give a Plant, Jewellery, Present or anything whatever you like to give to your mom and get happiness in her experience and reaction.


Sterling Silver Ladies Infinity Link Tennis Bracelet

I have to say that this tennis bracelet would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day.   I personally have to say that I love mine.  There are many different stone variety to chose from.  I know your mother's or wives will love the kind you chose for her.  Now here is some highlights on this product:

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Make sure you come and grab one for the woman in your life.  This will put a HUGE smile on her face.  It is very reasonably priced for this flawless perfection.  Just click HERE.

OliaDesign Mother Daughter Pendant Necklace  

This is the best necklace that a mother could ever get from her daughter. This is just perfect and I ws truly amazed on how beutiful it was when I received it. 
The gems in it sparkle and the black lettering really stands out.  The both of you will cherish this for the rest of your life.  The necklace is perfect length, the clasp on them works nicely and you will receive many compliments.  

  • Mother Daughter 2-Piece Pendant Necklace
  • Perfect Gift for Mother's Day
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What Do People Do?

Many people send cards or gifts to their mother or mother figure or make a special effort to visit her. Common Mother's Day gifts are flowers, chocolate, candy, clothing, jewelry and treats, such as a beauty treatment or trip to a spa. Some families organize an outing for all of their members or hold a special meal at home or in a restaurant. In the days and weeks before Mother's Day, many schools help their pupils to prepare a handmade card or small gift for their mothers.

So what do you do for Mother's Day?

Rock Paper weight......"You Rock, Mom!"

.We all know that the little children love to make their mommy's something for this holiday and others.  This is the perfect craft for them to make for their mommy's.  I know when my children were all small they used to make me things for every holiday, but this one was really great.  I even still have mine and it's been like 18 years now.  It might not be as great looking but it still makes me smile.

This is really easy to make:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Smooth Rocks
  • Small wiggly eyes
  • Small pom poms
  • Colored cardstock
  • Permanent marker
1.  After you look and collect the rock you want to use you wash it and clean it.  Then you paint whatever color you would like.
2.  When the paint is dry, glue on the eyes and the nose (pom pom)
3.  With the permanent marker draw a smile on the rock.
4.  On the cardstock ,you will glue the rock on it.  Then in front of the rock have them write..." Mom, you rock!"
5.  This part is optional......if the little ones want to add hair to the rock they could use a small piece of a feathered boa or anything around the house that would make it look like hair.

Well that is it and they have made their own Mother's Day gift for their mommy's.  I am sure each and every mother that will get to receive this as a gift will LOVE it.

This is mine.
Not the crafty above, but this is from their little hearts.
The one above I will be making with grandkids.

** Come back and post your picture of what your child gave you for Mother's Day.  I think this would be fun!**
Here is just a fun fact about future Mother's Day dates in the future years:

SunMay 82016Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 142017Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 132018Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 122019Mother's DayObservance
SunMay 102020Mother's DayObservance

Everyone have a great MOTHER"S DAY!


The last thing I want to say and to share with my readers is:

Happy Mother's Day Mom.....I love you and miss you very much!!

R.I.P.  June O'Brien (my mom)