Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Deb's Creations ..........

I would like to introduce you to an awesome site that I grew to really love to use.  I am a writer, but not so much an artist.  This site lets you use a variety of pictures and backgrounds for your work.  In which I think is pretty great.  You are able to write a long form, picture book or poetry with their artist's pictures.  I have written up three poems trying to work around the picture to make them go together, but they give you certain words to use.  It is a challenge, but it is one I will conquer!

I am always looking for other places that I can get my writing out there and hopefully start making a little money on them through making poetry cards and picture books.  I would have to tell you that if you write anything at all then you should check out Storybird.  You will love it!

So I will stop rambling on and the next three items are what I created on Storybird.  Let me know what you think........Please!

Now it's your turn to click on Storybird and create a few and share them with me. 
 What do you say?