Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Greatest Father's Day Gift Guide !

I just wanted to take a second to introduce you to this Father's Day Gift Guide that I am creating for all my readers and visitors.  As you know Father's Day is right up there on the list of holidays.  We all LOVE our dad......Right?

Important Information On
Father's Day!

On July 19, 1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Father’s Day.” However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States. 

The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm–perhaps because, as one florist explained, “fathers haven’t the same sentimental appeal that mothers have.” On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church sponsored the nation’s first event explicitly in honor of fathers, a Sunday sermon in memory of the 362 men who had died in the previous December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah, but it was a one-time commemoration and not an annual holiday. The next year, a Spokane,Washington woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower, tried to establish an official equivalent to Mother’s Day for male parents. She went to local churches, the YMCA, shopkeepers and government officials to drum up support for her idea, and she was successful: Washington State celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day on July 19, 1910. Slowly, the holiday spread. In 1916, President Wilson honored the day by using telegraph signals to unfurl a flag in Spokane when he pressed a button in Washington, D.C.In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge urged state governments to observe Father’s Day. However, many men continued to disdain the day. As one historian writes, they “scoffed at the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with flowers and gift-giving, or they derided the proliferation of such holidays as a commercial gimmick to sell more products–often paid for by the father himself.”
Topneen Men's This Is What The World's Greatest DAD Looks Like T-Shirt
I know that some are saying this is just a shirt, but it's for the best dad.  I think any father would love this shirt and that it is coming from his son/daughter. This shirt is made with very light-weight material and in a bunch of different colors.
Some of the things I like about this product:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine Washable
  • These Basic Round Neck T-shirts Is Suitable For Everyday Wearing
  • Makes A Great Gift Or Souvenir

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Men's Stainless Steel Casting Eagle Pendant Necklace

Only $14.99
This is perfect for the man in your life.  Every man that is out there in the world, they all love Eagles.  
This Eagle is made very sturdy and there is no way of it cracking or the chain will snap.  The chain is thickly made and tough for those men.
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Toraway Luxury Men Stylish Bifold Business Leather Wallet 

This would be the best gift for a young child to give his dad. They all could use wallets and why not on Father's Day.  They come in the two colors you see above, which are black and brown. Now those colors are perfect for the greatest dad.....don't you think so?
I just want to list a few other features of these wallets:
  • PU Leather
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Designed to hold cash, cards and other little things
  • Slim Bi-Fold flip wallet, easy to carry around
  • As a perfect gift for yourself or your friends.
  • Inside Detail: Credit card inserts, window ID

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In this next section I would like to share a picture of my Dad and of course that is my mom with him.  I miss my dad so very much and wish I could talk to him just one more time.  I know he is watching from the sky above and I hope he can see how I changed my life to the better.  Just would like to say: I love you and you were the best daddy in the world and I miss you.

R.I.P 2012

The Top 10 Things You’ll Never Hear a Dad Say:

10. “Well, how ‘bout that? I’m lost! Looks like we’ll have to stop and ask for directions.”
9. “You know Pumpkin, now that you’re thirteen, you’ll be ready for un-chaperoned car dates. Won’t that be fun?”
8. “I noticed that all your friends have a certain hostile attitude. I like that.”
7. “Here’s a credit card and the keys to my new car. Go crazy!!!”
6. “What do you mean you wanna play football? Figure skating is not good enough for you, son?”
5. “Your Mother and I are going away for the weekend. You might want to consider throwing a party.”
4. “Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with your car. Probably one of those doo-hickey thingies—ya know—that makes it run or something. Just have it towed to a mechanic and pay whatever he asks.”
3. “No son of mine is going to live under this roof without an earring. Now quit your belly-aching and let’s go to the mall.”
2. “Whaddya wanna go and get a job for? I make plenty of money for you to spend.”
And the number one thing you’ll never hear a dad say:
1. “What do I want for Father’s Day? Aahh—don’t worry about that. It’s no big deal.” (actually they might say this, but they don’t mean it).

Now for the ending of my Father's Day Post I want to wish all the dad's that are out there have the best day ever.  I do believe that dad's do deserve a day, just like us Mother's.  I do think that us Mother's should have a weekend cause we need it.  Come on don't you agree?