Thursday, June 9, 2016


So this post is going to be about what I have benefited from joining and on this challenge and blogging every day.  I can't wait to start sharing with you what I actually got out of this challenge.

Let's see the first and best thing I got out of this challenge is that I know I can write and post in my blog every day.  It taught me stability in posting and creating something each and every day.  I was kind of behind everyone else due to my dialysis, but I caught up and I actually got the awesome feeling of satisfaction from achieving every challenge.

The next big thing is that I think it will make me a better writer.  It taught me the discipline of actually sitting down to write a post every day.  I will benefit from actually sitting down and planning what I would like to write for that day.

Now, this one benefit I never really thought of until now.  If I write what I read and then read what I had written, I found this to be the biggest benefit of all  because I actually learned more this way.  Well, I really believe I did..  It helped with a lot of grammar, proofreading and actually changing it up to make it sound excellent.

Well, the last benefit I would have to say is that it really kept my mind working.  Through the writing and learning, it kept my brain exercising  throughout the blogging challenges.  Our minds need the stimulation and activity to keep it working.  You actually will be amazed of what you will remember for participating in mental activities from all different blogging activities.

I really have enjoyed a participating in this blogging challenge and have learned a lot.  The challenges were laid out in detail but you really need to find the words and make it into an awesome post that will be on your blog.  You hope as you are writing that someone out there will learn something from you.  The other thing is the people that were in this blogging group was so helpful and just wonderful.