Friday, August 26, 2016

**** AULA Gaming Keyboard & Mouse *****

** This review is my honest opinion and own words after receiving the products for free to test. The products will have affiliate links so I might earn a commission if purchased.**

AULA Wings of Liberty 104-Key RGB LED Backlit USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches(White)

I would love to introduce you to this awesome Gaming Keyboard.  If you are a serious game player on the computer then this is the perfect keyboard for you.  I am a beginner at gaming and I have to say I really love this awesome Aula Keyboard.

Features of the product:

  • Mesmerizing RGB Backlight: Stunning visual stimulation with programmable true RGB LED backlight under each individual key with 9 modes of captivating lighting effects.
  • Productivity and Booster: This computer keyboard provides FN-modifier hotkeys for quick access to productivity and multimedia controls.
  • Every Stroke Counts: The most undesirable situation during gaming is a missed command or an input error. Advanced N-Key Rollover functionality makes all your keystrokes count by making sure there are no conflicts no matter how many commands you pummel during intense gameplay.
  • Ease and Comfort: Convenient snap-on palm rest with matte UV coating for comfort and durability. The inner curve design allows the palms rest to rotate to fit the keyboard in both height position with the use of foot stand or not.
  • Rhythm Precision: Mechanical keys are a must for gaming. These keys are designed to provide superior tactile feedback and error-free key register, every stroke, every time.

My opinion of the product:

The keyboard  has these amazing lights that really catch the eye. I love that the lights keep the keyboard lit up so I do not have to have the light on in the living room while working. The rainbow colored lights make every key easy to see and do not hinder my typing whatsoever. The only thing I needed to get used to  is the keys make noise when being typed on. I like the fact that I know that I am making a connection with the desired keys despite the sound and it actually allows me to type faster. It can bother others that may be in the room with you.  I did find that this keyboard types even smoother than the other ones I had. I can usually type around 85 words per minute but on this keyboard, I am up to 100 words per minute.  I really love that part too. The other part I found out was that color patterns are adjustable.  All you need to do is try all the button combinations on the right side of the instructions, such as Fn+Esc, Fn+PgDn, Fn+PrtSc, etc, for cool patterns.

What do you think of this awesome Gaming Keyboard?

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AULA KILLING THE SOUL 2000 DPI 7 Buttons USB Wired Optical Multimedia Gaming Mouse for PC MAC Gamer Office Programmer(Black)

This Gaming Mouse is really awesome for the gamer.  It goes great with the Gaming Keyboard (above).  I am a beginner gamer and it is very easy to hold in my palm and move it around. 

Features of the product:

  •  Double mode, multimedia and DPI mode free switch.
  •  Ergonomic design, keep your grip firm during game play and reduces fatigue.
  •  Optical tracking systems, infrared laser engine, give you faster and sensitive response.
  •  Intelligent connectivity, no need to drive and code, plug and play.
  •  Anti-interference striped wire, degaussing, more stable for use.
  •  Material: ABS shell, gold-plated USB connector, copper core.
  •  Buttons: 7 non-slip buttons with ultra-precise scroll wheel.

My opinion of the product:

The first thing I would like to point out right off the bat is that I was happy with the product, but when my son really loved the mouse then I knew it was an awesome product to have.  The only reason I was surprised was because of the low price I wasn't sure on how good it would work.  The first thing is the overall form of the mouse. It has a sort of flared bottom that allows the mouse to stay balanced and it glide smoothly, while providing a rest for your thumb and far finger. The other thing is the braided cable. I prefer this type to the flat to regular cables - they are generally more durable and do not tangle up easily.  Now for the functionality, I have tried it on a variety of surfaces - cloth-like with the arm of my recliner, a wooden table next to my chair, the sofa cushion and a couple of different mouse pads. The laser eye tracks very well with no problems at all. Now, this mouse does come with adjustable DPI.

Package includes:

  •  1  Gaming Mouse
  •  1  User Manual
  •  1  Stickers

If you are a beginner gamer or a serious gamer these products are for you.  You will want to play with the best gaming equipment out there for your online gaming wars.

Let me know what you think.......