Saturday, September 10, 2016


(This post contains my own opinion and words of this product. I received a copy for free in return of my honest opinion.)

I am so excited that I am able to tell you and your family about this great animated dvd.  As we already know that the Bible is full of exciting stories that fill children with awe and wonder. In The Biggest Story, Kevin DeYoung the best selling author shows kids how all those classic stories connect to Scripture’s overarching message about God’s glorious plan to redeem his rebellious people.

Featuring beautiful illustrations adapted from the book, The Biggest Story: The Animated Short Film will captivate children as they are led on an exciting journey through the Bible in 26 minutes, connecting the dots from the garden of Eden to Christ's death on the cross to the new heaven and new earth.

Narrated by the author, this imaginative retelling of the Bible’s core message—how the Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden—will teach children that God's promises are even bigger and better than we think.


Making use of the over 100 full-color, vibrant illustrations from the book, the DVD engages children with most vivid and striking animations.  You and your child will find the colorful animation a great aspect to the story they are telling and teaching your child.

My Personal Opinion:

I really love the art on the cover, so I can honestly say that if you love it you will see that this is totally a work of art.  The author Kevin DeYoung has written a paraphrase of the Bible from the creation to Jesus's resurrection the he narrates and the beautiful illustrations follow his words.  You will notice that some of the illustrations are abstracts.  This is so it will keep it visually interesting through the parts that you can't really illustrate or that aren't appropriate for children.

I love all of the bright colors and the illustrations throughout the entire disk.  The DVD does come with a great poster.  I am trying to get the creases out of it because I think it would look awesome in a frame.  If I am able to get it looking good enough for a frame I want to hang it up above my son's bed.  I think it would look great there.  I have to say that the DVD is only 26 minutes long and perfect length for everyone.  I personally love how it connects things together and just keeps to the main point without getting into too much detail.  

The Biggest Story is not meant to replace the Bible itself, nor be a "cliffsnotes" version of the Bible, but rather a stepping stone to prompt the desire to know more. With encouragement by adults in the family, the sharing of this story will make the reading, hearing and watching of The Biggest Story a way to inspire love and search of the true Word.

What is your opinion on THE BIGGEST STORY?

Doesn't this sound interesting?