Thursday, October 6, 2016

*** VeggieTales Every Day with God ***

** This is my honest opinion and in my own words about these books. I received them free to review in exchange for my honest opinion of them. I was not compensated nothing at all except for the books.**

I want to start out by saying that our children should know about God in one way or another.  These books from Veggietales are perfect for the young children to read about a daily devos.  As you can see there is a certain book for girls and boys.  I know your young children would be very interested in reading this book.  It makes it fun to read and to even discuss daily what they read for that day.

Every day with God is the latest 365-day devotional (there is one for girls and one for the boys) from VeggieTales.  Everyday there is a Bible verse, short devotion, Throughout the day and prayer.  This content will teach your child about God.  Your child will develop a daily practice to keep God close to him/her.  

This is perfect for boys ages 4-7. It’s small enough for them to hold, bright, colorful, and features all the favorite characters. It numbers each devotional by “Day 1” instead of January 1, so you can start any time of year and keep organized.

The readings are short with a verse, a topic boys can relate to, a thought of the day and a short prayer. I think it makes for a great evening routine where you can keep the conversation going before bed.

My family had VeggieTales in there life as they were young children. So when these books came out I knew I had to have them.  My children are all older now but I do have a few grandchildren that will benefit from these books.

Does your children like VeggieTales?

Do you want your children to learn about God?

Then grab your child the books from HERE!